Stop adding words to known upon lesson completion

This only shows words that originally were Lingqs and were afterward promoted to known as a result of a dictionary review. I didn’t find a way to see words that were marked as known (intentionally or unintentionally) from the start.


You are correct. I hadn’t realized that. Thanks for pointing that out. The only way to reverse them would be to re-lingQ them, which seems unnecessarily opaque.

It would be better if such words were available in the same UI. They must have a list of them, as they are included in the known count and not shown in blue after that point.

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There are reasons… they may not be LingQ ‘official reasons’ but lots of users are demonstrating they have their own reason, so it would be nice if you could consider giving users an option instead of forcing this system on them

Not least for the accidentally clicking of the tick - its in EXACTLY the same place as ‘next page’ so if you don’t realise its the last page you’re stuffed. it ridiculously easy to use by mistake.