Lingq dictionary Review - empty text in the "Select the missing word" activity

When reviewing the Lingq dictionary on Android devices, I constantly get a situation when Lingq asks me to “Select the missing word,” but the whole phrase is missing. I only see an icon for voiceover, which does nothing. This issue manifests itself on multiple Android devices. Here, for example, the screenshot from the app running on an Android e-book reader:

And on the phone:

What can cause this issue, and how can I solve it? I tried changing the dictionary settings, but they are a bit complex. No luck so far.

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May it be because the original imported lesson was deleted?
Occasionally, I import YouTube videos (subtitles) and delete them after adding Lingqs; now I wonder if it is safe to delete imported lessons while I have Lings from them.

This sounds like a bug. We will look into it.


@zoran if it helps, I’ve noticed that quite often Lingq dictionary shows a very long excerpt for the “Select the missing word” exercise, and after selecting the answer, it shows a completely different short phrase where the word was actually used. Example of the long excerpt:

So sometimes the text is empty, and other times it is very long (it can even be several times longer than in the example).
I’m not sure if the problem is with my account only or if this is a global issue, I hope it will get fixed soon.

EDIT: 2 more examples of questionable behavior.
The word “adrenal” is a substring of the word “adrenaline”:

The whole phrase is displayed instead of displaying an excerpt around the phrase: