State of the Union

Well, it should be starting in about one hour. Is anyone else watching?

A good speech , not great but he appeared extremely relaxed and confident. Looks like he wants to shed his lame duck image and accomplish something this year. Lots of talking points about re energizing the American middle class. We could use some help! Lets hope he gets something done. But as the Czechs say : “Hope dies last”

(…) But as the Czechs say : “Hope dies last” (…)

We say that in German as well: Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

(…) Well, it should be starting in about one hour. Is anyone else watching? (…)

I’ll watch it later on youtube or on one of our news portals. I actually think he has a nice face :slight_smile:

The Czech version is" Nadeje umra posledni " If you ever are visiting your neighbor to the North and are waiting and waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant , you can use it. And I agree with you the President " B Boogy" as Kevin Hart calls him , has a pleasant face and a great smile. I certainly wouldn’t want his job.

Usually when someone posts a comment like what Ozzy wrote, I ask them to elaborate. I think I know exactly what he is going to say, so I’m going to expand on my normal plea for explanation.

You have the right to dislike the President’s policies, but first I want you to look up what the State of the Union is, its history, and who attends it. If you don’t like the President’s face, feel free to look at Speaker Boehner’s, which is only a couple feet behind his. After you have heard what the President had to say, come back and tell me your issues. I’d also reccomend that you watch the Republican response so that you may familiarize yourself with the “official” opposition view. You don’t have to stick to this official view, of course, but it may aid you in the development of your own opinion.


@cistyzuby (it took me several tries to write your name correctly :p)
I felt that last year’s SotU was far more progressive. Although he is raising the mininum wage for government contractors to $10.10, the 9 dollar mininum wage in the private sector seems to be a lost cause. It seems that everyone assumes the battle over gay rights is won, and that gun control is never going to happen.

Obama won´t even have his own planet after he dies. What a loser.


You’re feeding the troll David. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even understand why he is filled with hate.


@dav Obama’s speech was right about one thing,its a pivotal time for America.It would be a great thing if our leaders seized the moment and stopped flinging mud and started to cooperate.We need educational reform , gun control and a true job training program.


Haha, looks like I fed the troll this time. My apologies everyone. ^^ I wonder if Ozzy is a bot? All I see is a random collection of insults in his posts. Somebody should work on its logic. Clearly, one person cannot be a “socialist democratic unions”. Bad programming.

I’m just assuming that he’s a young kid. His level of English makes that obvious, I think. I seriously think he should read up on the State of the Union, as I recommended in the above post. He can’t be a dumb guy - being into language learning demonstrates a certain worldly curiosity on his part, doesn’t it?

“…republicans will take control of all branches of government…” then “watch your backs minions of the government”

I’m so confused. This is like a case study for Poe’s Law.


I guess you’re right after all. The child is hate filled.

Seriously, I think they’re trolling us. Could they be one troll with two LingQ accounts? Haha!

I mean, wishing a teacher to die a slow painful death, and for a president to get assassinated… not to mention a racist comment against Muslims, and then calling one of our own mentally ill…kind of primary school stuff!

He was right about David being a punk though…

(Joke :-D)

I see overnight the others have now ignored your childish tantrums.

I just want to add my two cents’ worth, then I’m done.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if some radical Muslim elements within and outside Australia have an agenda to harm us. Some of us half expect this to happen on our soil. But I don’t hate Muslims. Neither can you tarnish them all with the same brush.

You are so blinded by conspiracy theories, that you can’t see the wood for the trees.

No offence, but you both sound like you’re cult members. And so immature, no one can take you seriously.

Over and out.


Wow, this is quite normal on some places on the internet, but quite surprising here. I guess there is no point in arguing.


Obama is a fairly clearcut continuation of george dubya. He lies a little better, that’s about it.

I was disappointed he didn’t say anything about federal legalization of marijuana… not that I smoke the stuff but I was hoping to make another killing with weed stocks.

@OzzyHellBack + Ozone Films

I don’t want to misunderstand you here: are you saying that you are Neo Nazis…?

“America and Russia should of stayed out of the war!”

Germany invaded Russia and declared war on the USA.

“The world would of been a better place.”

A better place for whom exactly?