Special Holiday Offer - 20% Off All Annual Memberships

Hi, It seems the code is not accepted at the moment for that offer. And the other hand, Mark or Alex, it must be having a problem with the expiration date for the 6-months membership level. My expiration date is March 09, 2013 and buying a 6 months bring me to March 09, 2014 :o)

Lu, Il semble que le code pour cette offre ne soit pas encore acceptée pour le moment. D’autre part, Mark ou Alex, Il doit y avoir un problème avec la date d’expiration pour la sélection d’un forfait de 6 mois. Si je sélectionne une mise à jour pour 6 mois, il est marqué que ma date d’expiration sera le 09 mars 2014 alors que cela devrait être le 09 septembre 2013. Quand à moi, je préfère prolonger mon Basic d’un an en profitant de cette offre de Noël en disant un grand merci car ça aide ceux qui n’ont pas de très gros moyens :o). Donc si je prolonge maintenant mon Basic d’un an, cela garantie mon plan jusque le 09 mars 2014 c’est ça Alex ou Mark ?

@Exodus - You will not be able to enter the code due to your current membership type which is a recurring Basic membership. You can only enter the code when you upgrade your account. What you can do to take advantage of the offer is to cancel your current membership by downgrading to Free. Then, upgrade again for an annual membership using your code. Then just let us know when you do this and we will credit you for the time remaining on your original subscription.

We will also check into your strange date issue!

Me too, maybe I will do that. Does all my data (import contents, LingQs…) will be saved even I cancel my current membership (basic) by downgrading to Free? I will upgrade again for an annual membership using my code immediately after downgrade.

Expire date of my current membership is 25th April 2013, so if I do that process today, I will have membership until 25th April 2014? (Annual membership from 19th Dec 2012 to 19th Dec 2013 + the time remaining on my original subscription)

@Yasuko - We can handle this for you. Just send us an email at support (at) lingq.com to give us the go ahead and we’ll make sure your imports and other data are preserved.

When you upgrade again, we’ll go in and manually extend your billing date to April 25th, 2014.

Thank you, Alex. I will check my cashflow and send you an email to give you the go ahead.

I also want to take advantage of this offer. I am unsure of the date my present subscription expires and I also want to upgrade to a plus subscription for one year. I cannot find the link to contact LingQ by email. Where is it on the Account or the Welcome page?

@rae - Your current membership expires on January 16th. To buy a new membership just click the Pay Now button on the multi-month membership page after choosing an annual membership Login - LingQ or click the Buy Now button on the Account page to buy a recurring membership. You will be able to enter your coupon on the subsequent page.

I got a question about the 20% off for this year - Save 20% On All Annual LingQ Memberships! - as advertised on twitter, but don’t know how to make a new thread… or is thread-making restricted to premium users?

Anyhow my problem is the following: when choosing the annual membership it says " on the next page you may select paypal or creditcard" but this seems misleading because at the bottom it says “your Payment will be charged to your Visa ending in 2137”. When clicking “Pay now” at the purchase page: I asume it does try to use my Visa, because I get an internal server error! This could be due to the fact that I do not use the Visa card anymore. I’d like to remove it, but I have no idea how.

Hi! When you click “Forum” at the top it takes you by default to a page with the recently active threads. If you would like to start a new thread, you can click on “LingQ Forums” at the top then select a forum you’d like to post on.

Regarding payment, there should be a “(change)” link that appears there. However, I’ve now gone ahead and cleared your billing information so you can now upgrade again using different payment information. If you have any issues with this send us an email at support (at) lingq.com and we’ll be happy to help!

I entered the coupon code. But I’m not sure if I worked or not.

@ administrators:
I currently have a Premium account that will end up on February 09, 2015. How can I use the offer of 20% off ?
If I renew for a whole year now to use the reduction code, will I lost 40 days? or will the subscription start on February 10, 2015 for a year ?
Thanks for your clarification

Looks like you managed to apply the code properly :slight_smile:

You’re eligible to use it :slight_smile: Any membership changes take place at the end of your current billing period, so if you go to the Account page, switch over to a 12-month Premium membership and enter the code, it will switch you over on February 9, 2015. Hope this helps!

Cool! Thanks.

Hello, I think I’ve made a mistake with applying the coupon :-/.
Please would someone check for me?

I paid for a one month subscription and then used the “Edit” option to change it to 12 months and added the coupon code. However, after that I then also went and clicked on the 12 month option on the choose product page for some silly reason.


Hi! No problem, I’ve now switched your membership over to the 12-month recurring option. You’ll receive a receipt detailing the charges. Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with!

Excellent, thank you. Everything is in order. Enjoy the remainder of the festive season :wink:

Hi Alex, I also have a 12-month premium membership that expires on Jan 7. I tried to renew using the coupon code but I got this message: Cannot redeem coupon: multiple_active_coupons: coupon.base is assigned to an account that already has an active coupon.

Is there any way I can get the discount? :slight_smile:


Sorry for the trouble! I checked in the back end and it looks like you’ve added the code properly. All membership changes take place at the end of your current membership period, so you’ll be switched over to the non-recurring 12-month membership on January 7th and the code will automatically be applied. If you run into any other issues with this send us an email and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex. Appreciate your work as always!