Another spammer on my wall like the previous one. Similar message


I’ve removed this user’s account. All spam messages from their account are now gone. Thanks for reporting!


Another spammer on my wall - lindakiss

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: I’ve removed their account.

Please check the message on my wall from lindababy1 and remove.

Thank you for your assistance.


I suppose we need a “spam-buster” program or something.

lindababy1 has been removed. Thanks for letting us know.


Another spammer on my wall - "lindababy0 "

I’ve got another one - lindamorgan.

I’m sure you programmer-type people have more important things to do, but it’d be nice if we could delete these posts ourselves.

thanks klc36. lindamorgan has been removed.

Me too, I’ve got the same spammer - lindamorgan.

Hi - I recieved a wall post from lindamorgan2 and i reckon that it’s almost 100% some kind of fake member who wants to get your email for some kind of unknown reason , I would be glad if the administrator could just delete this account - thanks

lindamorgan(3) is back again…

Thanks for the reports guys. We’re keeping a close eye on the accounts now. Some may slip through, but we’re deciding how to proceed in the meantime.


I will give my wall on my profile page to the ADMINISTRATORS. I want it removed from my profile page.

I’ve got a spammer message on my wall from: lindamorgan2 …
But i think its gone… But this thing should stop urgently

Hi all,

We’re currently working implementing a system to weed out spammers. We want to implement it in a way that is the least intrusive to legitimate users, so it’s taken a bit of brainstorming to figure out a solution, but we believe we’ve got something that should hopefully attend to this problem.

hey Alex. Thanks for that hard work that you are making… I hope everything will run as you planned…

A new spammer: Login - LingQ

Not on my wall. I read it on another wall.

Just so you know, I’ve removed this user. Thanks for letting us know.