An other spammer msg on my wall. I deleted it . BUT it came from this profile

An other Lindakiss…

Spammers give a bad name to spam. I love spam… it has the shelf life of dirt.

What does this expression “as old as dirt” mean?

A new one: Login - LingQ

There are often the same sentences in such posts. Maybe you can check wall comments for such a string and than don’t allow to post - without telling the reason :slight_smile:

Thanks, Vera. We’ve removed that account. That’s probably a bit much right now especially since the next guy could use a completely different sentence. Someday perhaps…

Mark, the sentences often quite the same “…doesn’t matter …color…” etc.

Another on: Login - LingQ

I’ve now deleted this user’s account.

A new one: Login - LingQ I came across this one on skyblueteapot’s wall.

This account has now been deleted. Thank you, Vera.

This guy named Steve keeps spamming the forum here, can we do something about him?

Again spam threads in the Russian section:

Thanks Xena, I know Alex will deal with it as soon as he has a chance.


I figured these were spam, but my Russian is basically nonexistent so I wasn’t sure :wink: I’ll keep an eye out in the future for these!

alex have to be a robot to take care of all these forum, need to know all these language hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a polyglot! :smiley:

offcorse :slight_smile:

Another spam in ‘Ask Your Tutor (Russian)’ section:

Thanks - I’ve now removed this thread :slight_smile: