Something strange in the forum

Something strange is today in the forum: all names have vanished, only the number of the posts.

Thanks Evgueny, we pushed an update and something strange is happening on the forum with usernames and images. We are working on it.

Yes, what is your name, sir, because I can not see yours

I hope you success :relaxed:

This should be fixed now. You may need to ctrl/cmd + refresh to clear you cache.

Trump here. Are you Hilary?

I can see your names in the links :-p
Just put a mouse over the number of posts.

Not for me…

(UPDATE: Actually, yeah, now it’s all good…)

You need to make this forum great again!

(UPDATE: I always had my suspicions TroisRoyaumes/PEOTUS! But right now you need to get back to the transition. Hire more folks from Breitbart, maybe? :-D)


Hey that happened 2 me 2! And the profile pictures are gone.

There was an issue but it has been fixed. You may need to clear your browser cache to fix it. Here are instructions on how to do that if you aren’t sure - - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache!.

No I am Putin

I followed every step and the problem still the same, I can’t see the names and images here.

I’ve just refreshed a fourm page using Ctrl+F5.
Voilà, it works again.

Yes this works, thanks for advice

Hi! Sorry for use this thread. Can somebody to help me with couple thing?

  1. How can I open new thread on forum?
  2. I have problem with my profile, and no idea why. All the time have red feedback information about “Skype Name”: invalid. What i am doing wrong? I have skype account and the name is properly.
  3. I can not load picture of me. I mean i know how to do that, but picture vanish.

thanks in advance!

Thank you


Thanks mate, it’s working right now!!!