Something strange in the forum

To open a new thread, you have to go to the main page for the forum and click the New Thread button. What browser are you using where you are having those problems in your profile? Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing to support at lingq dot com.

I can’t still see the names and images here. refresh does not help.

I use Chrome or Mozilla browser. Now i see the new thread button.
Print screen sent.

My source tells me that a Japanese retiree is obsessed with me and bashing me nonstop here. I got a minute and thought I’d pop in to see what the hell is going on. Saw a bunch of quotes. Doesn’t bother me. As for not liking my English, I wish the gentleman luck in learning the English he wants to learn.

As for whatever problem of this forum, I’ll leave it to Putin. He’s a wise man.