Some sentence translations in the mini stories are complete nonsense

Some sentence translations in the mini stories are complete nonsense.

One example (Chinese Mini Story #9 - 安迪 有 了 一个 新 女朋友):

The sentence “最后,他离开了超市。” is translated into German as “Andi steht lange Zeit bei den Süßigkeiten.” (Andy stands by the sweets for a long time.)

A correct translation into German would be “Schließlich verließ er den Supermarkt.” (Finally he left the supermarket.)

As a normal user, I am not able to change or influence this. Or am I missing something? Changing the translation option (Google, DeepL, ChatGPT) does not help.

As a new user, I find that a bit disappointing.


I think the mini stories already have pre-defined translations and aren’t modifiable. If I use the DeepL browser plugin and translate what you’ve got here, it provides the translation you say it should be. So pretty sure LingQ is just going to the predefined translation. Sounds like someone needs to correct this lessons translations.

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You cannot change the mini stories yourself. However, you can ask here in the forum to have it done by the LinQ team.

I started a thread about mistakes in the Georgian mini stories a while ago. The team does not always quickly fix them, but eventually they do.

However, you can add or modify translations for words or parts of a phrase.


the translations are from chatgpt I believe, so it could be a contextual problem

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