Site update on December 18, 2013

Thanks for your patience during this update. We ran into some unexpected issues with some of the servers and things ended up taking a bit longer than we hoped, but the site is now up and running! Here are the full details:
(see post with images here: )

We’ve been working hard for the past several months and are excited to show you what we’ve been up to! One of the first things you’ll notice is the updated design. We’ve taken the avatar background and national buildings from all of our languages and put them together in the new background. The menu has been neatly integrated into this colourful and fun background. But that’s just the beginning… Let’s take a closer look at what else is new:

Learn Page

The Learn page now features a cleaner interface where you can see your Courses and select new ones. In addition, we have moved Timeline notifications up to the header that can now be accessed from any page. One of our primary goals with this update was to improve the experience for brand new LingQ members, and we feel confident that we have achieved this with the new simplified Learn page and the guided tour.

Lesson Page

The Lesson page is arguably one of the most important pages on the site, and as such we wanted to make sure any updates enhanced both the interface and the functionality for new and existing members.

We wanted to make the interface more pleasant which we did by updating the typeface, improving the image and streamlining the controls. A cleaner look and feel, particularly on the yellow LingQ pane, are quickly noticeable in the update.

Dictionaries and resources have been moved into a dropdown and now pop up overtop of the LingQ pane. The dictionary window is now independent from the Dashboard, meaning it can be moved to anywhere on the page and can also be expanded to fit your screen.

Lastly, an Avatar progress bar has been added to the bottom of the Lesson page, so you can watch your Avatar grow as you add LingQs and Known Words.


Language learning isn’t something that comes easily to most of us, and many of us often struggle with staying motivated. That’s why we’ve made it one of our focuses to ensure members stay motivated while using LingQ. Avatar credits have been converted to Avatar coins, and the prices in the Avatar Store have been updated accordingly. The new prices now follow a more natural progression, with prices escalating as you continue progressing.

The new Avatar progress bar on the Lesson page offers instant feedback for activities on the site. Each Known Word helps you on your way to the next Avatar level. Each LingQ you create gets you closer to earning an Avatar coin which can be used to purchase items in the Avatar Store.

With these new changes, it will be easier for us to add new items and outfits to the Avatar Store for purchase, ensuring everyone from beginner to advanced will have something to work towards!


The Exchange was launched just six months ago, and since then we’ve seen hundreds of requests made for various tutoring services. With requests being the key activity on the Exchange page, we now show these in the main part of the page and show all other activities to the right side of the page. To create room for this, we moved the filters to the top and show them as a sentence (click on the blue words to change filters), and merged all rankings into one section.

Thank you all for using LingQ! We hope you love the new site as much as we do!

WOW, it looks much better now ! thanks a lot !!!

naked avatars!!! they tell me" error" when I try to bay some clothes

@spatterson, jolanda - All the avatars got reset to make way for the new coins :wink: If you run into any errors in the Avatar Store just refresh the page and that should help!


  1. I’m unable to archive lessons that I’ve finished. I tried to do it the old way, and also tried the new archive button.
  2. When I import a new lesson, there’s no message that it was saved


Your English avatar appears fully clothed to me when I visit your profile page. So it seems to have worked, if you repurchased the clothing. But the language selection drop-down in the progress section below it doesn’t work. So I can’t see the others.


I still have both an Edit and Delete button on my posts… Bearbeiten und Löschen, anyway.

Although I was hoping the announced new language rules would be made official with this update, I like pretty much everything you have done.
I only have an issue with Chinese, Japanese and Korean being displayed in my language dropdown list. I cannot delete them from the Account page (because I had already done so shortly after trying them out).
Anyway, good job! I’m particularly happy about the new appearance of the Exchange page.

@all - We’re off to bed for now here at LingQ HQ (it just passed midnight) but keep the comments and feedback coming and we will respond to everything in the morning!

“See more at…” has returned to haunt the hint field when definitions are copied in from the default dictionary.

EDIT: As before, this only seems to affect longer hints.


Oh, I thought you said “why don’t we have”. I thought we always did…

THe site looks like a very interesting now.
But Alex, before I could see by opening every language on the left all my post of different people who sent me their roses or who asked me about something.
Now I can’t see my post.
Maybe it is now in the different place?

And one more question:
I would like to repeat new words, but flashcards and other functions with vocabulary don’t work.

Instructions for keyboard shortcuts (e.g. K and X) no longer seem to be displayed on the dashboard to the right, though the shortcuts themselves still function.

@spatterson: “interesting. why do we have a “delete” button on our posts? Hmm… what member would have requested that I wonder - See more at:

We have them to be able to delete the posts we wrote in response to Kimo’s posts that are now blank, so that our replies make no sense. I have just deleted a few of my forum posts in which I was referring to no longer existing posts.

Yes, please bring the instructions for keyboard shortcuts back!

@Alex Now I can not play the lesson. What’s the problems?

Oh my, all my avatars are naked too. Do I need to buy new clothes for all of them again? It’s a lot of work for all my languages… Apart from that some pieces are more expensive now and I can’t buy the same clothes I had before.

Apart from that I can’t play any recordings, the play/pause buttons don’t work.

Auto scrolling is not presently occurring when moving via shortcut from an unknown word to a lingq or vice versa. It still takes place when going from unknown word to unknown word or from lingq to lingq.

Might it be left to the user to decide whether the avatar progress bar is displayed? If given the option, I would be inclined to relegate the little blue fellow and his lingqcoins to the dashboard.

I like the new look

Cuple of ploblems:

  • Naked avatars
  • “Flash cards” not working
  • “Advance options” for the library not opening.