Significant Flashcard Upgrade

We just launched today our completely redesigned flashcards. Key changes include editing of hints and phrases right there, 1 click status updating and keyboard shortcuts.

  1. There are now two sides to the flashcard. You can control which fields show on the front and on the back by clicking on the Settings button. You can see the Term, Hint or Phrase on the front or back.
  2. You can also decide whether to remove cards when the LingQ status increases in the Settings popup. Clicking Got it! twice in a row will increase the status as will clicking the higher status button at the bottom of the card.
  3. You can edit the Hint or Phrase right there by clicking Edit. Hit “Enter” to save widget edits.
  4. Flip the cards by clicking anywhere on the white part of the card or by hitting the space bar.
  5. Other keyboard shortcuts are as follows: Enter key - Got it!, x - Oops!, 1,2,3,4 - select status, left and right arrows - next and previous card, up and down arrow - hide/show phrase,

We hope you like the changes!

Great! Thank you for this new design and new functions. When novelty has worn off, it’s good to bring new features that revive our interest. You have been doing a great job but that, is not new for the lingQ members… Thanks again!

New flashcard looks great! New design is cool.
I usually flip the cards by key, not clicking. The keybord shortcuts help me a lot. I hope I’ll get used it.

New flashcard is really "flash"card. When I flip the cards very fast, I get dizzy because of “bright flash”.

I have just translated your announcement into Japanese and posted it on the open forum in Japanese. I hope it helps someone.

I miss the “reverse” and “shuffle” keys. Do I always have to switch by clicking on the Setting and change those small boxes? It doesn’t seem to be very convenient. My browser- Chrome.

I also use Google Chrome (the flashcards don’t work at all in IE 8.0), and had to click my way through everything. Carpal tunnel syndrome, here I come!

Oh, I just figured out that I could space bar for the first click, and then choose “Ooops!”, “Got it!” etc.

The design is much better, the fonctions are more diverse. It’s good. But before I could from the words at once go to the lessons.
Now I have to close the words, write again and only after that I can go to my lessons. It’s not convenient.

I’ve just noticed that I can’t save my settings. When I enter the flash card function another time the settings are on their “initial” position again. Should it be so?

We’re still trying to sort out the IE problem. Everything works fine in Firefox or Safari.

@jeff_lingqvist - There are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, check the list above in this thread
@evgueny - I don’t know what you mean. The flashcards now open up in a new window so your previous page should still be visible.
@junair - We will fix it so that the settings are remembered. You can now customize the cards however you like. If you want to reverse them, choose to show the Hint on the front and the Term on the back in the Settings window. Shuffle is there too, of course.
@nobuo - Thanks for translating the explanation. I will post it to the Japanese LingQCentral blog as well!
@serge - I’m glad you appreciate our efforts!

To explain for evgueny (I think), when I click on the flashcards from my mail, it just pops up the flashcard screen, then I have to type in to continue on lingq after that.

Yes, aybee77, I’ve spoken exactly about it! Before flashcards were installed in general screen, now they have a new window not connected directly with so I can’t continue on lingq directly after my work with flashcards.

Ahh…now I understand. We could add a link to the Home page there somewhere. Would that be good?

Yes, I think so - after words directly to lessons, it’s convinient.
In any way, this design is much better. Thank you for a good job!

Thanks Mark, but I find it right uncomfortable to have to make many clicks in small boxes only to get changed to “reverse” or “shuffle”. By my Chinese learning I do it many times during one flash card session. In the old version this point was better! And I find it difficult to believe, that other members who intensively use flash card could be happy with this “improvement”. I plead for making “reverse” and “shuffle” as a hot-keys.

The major advantages of the new set up are, in no particular order, as I see it, (and I had not involvement in this).

  1. instant access to actual LingQ in order to edit phrase, tag etc. (very important for me)
  2. speed in general
  3. ease with which we can change status (1,2,3,4)
  4. greater flexibility in designing what we see on the front and back of the card
  5. more attractive design but that is subjective, and I know Mark is still working on this
  6. the ability to share the flash cards with others via email, twitter etc.

As with every change it is never a 100% gain. We also lose somethings. Juergen, I hear you but I do not change the settings often so that is not an inconvenience for me. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of others. There may be things that can be done. However, it is necessary to prioritize what appears on each card.

I appreciate all the feedback.

Steve, I agree with all you your 6 points. But just count how many clicks you have to do only to change to “reverse” instead of one click in the old version! Why should it be so? We not necessarily have to lose something after a significant upgrade.

Junair, I am sure Mark is looking at this. I do not want any user to be inconvenienced. I have no idea of what the implications on design or functionality are. I do appreciate the feedback and I am sure Mark does too.

It is working in IE now. Sorry about that. There are some ui issues to clean up still but we wanted to get it up right away for you.

Thanks for this new and great change in the flashcards! :slight_smile:

I translated the description into German and added it to the German blog on LingQCentral:

I added the information to the Wiki too: