Should I keep adding lesson to Turkish Lingq

How many people read or follow it?Does anyone out there who will keep encourage me to spend more time recording stuff.I need some kind of motivation

I wish I had the time to study Turkish, as it’s a language which I really want to learn. Unfortunately with 3 1/2 languages on the go right now, it’s not possible.

Good morning lmyi…If you are living in Europe now,I hope one day you can begin it

I’m in Australia. :slight_smile:

I would also like to study Turkish and I will one day.

Meanwhile we at LingQ just have to work to increase our overall membership which will increase the number of people who are studying each language. I am sure there are lots of people in the world who want to learn Turkish. Most don’t know that LingQ exists.

It is important that we have content for each of the languages that are available here, and for that reason I thank you ozne for your efforts even if, for now, there is not a large following.

Remember that once the lessons are in the library they are there forever, and eventually many people will see them and use them.

Hi Steve,
I think,Turkish language should takes place on LingQ like the others and I want to introduce my native language.Anyway, I’ll keep record. I’m pleased if someone is enjoying the lessons and also really appreciate for someone’s positive comment that keeps encouraging me to make more

@Onze: As a native speaker, you are in a great position to be able to find content that is not under copyright. Such content can be imported and shared for use in the community. It’s much less work than creating lessons from scratch, and you will still get the credit for these lessons. If are able to find websites where there are Turkish texts with audio, or conversations with transcripts, I’m sure these would be very much appreciated by any Turkish learners.

And if they are under (the tyrany hehe) of copyright, you can recommend them to the site. Then people can important them personally.

Thank you Peter and lmyi(how hard to say)
I’ll try to find some content in my native language for the sake of existing on Lingq.I think it’s worth to struggle.

Hello Ozne, please continue recording in Turkish. I’ve just moved to Istanbul, Turkey, and my wife is Turkish. Therefore I’m very motivated to learn your mellifluous language. Keep up the good work!

Hi Chris,
Wellllllllllcome to Turkey.I hope you would be happy in our beautiful country and thank you for your positive comment.

Hoşgeldin Chris…

Hi Ozne. I am taking a module in Beginners Turkish at university and therefore your lessons are very helpful for me. I plan to study them all as soon as I’ve finished my essays due in tomorrow. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi David,
It’s very encouraging to read Turkish learners post.Thank you again for your kind words.I recommend you to listen this lesson again and again(İlk Seviye/Ben varım,Sen varsın). This lesson can be very helpful to understand Turkish languages sound and rhythm.

I’m not currently learning Turkish, but it’s a language I’d very much like to acquire in the future. I’d like to thank you in advance for offering these lessons for users.

Hi Bolinho,
I hope you really begin one day or why not today. :)By the the way thanks to your kind words.

I will start doing some Turkish next week. Promise!

Finally, I persuaded you to begin Steve :slight_smile: It’s worth to all my thread.

Please continue recording. It’s very good for me since I have some Turkish speaking students. I teach them English. So it might even help to be able to understand Turkish verb forms better. Thank you for all the work you have already done!

Thank you Reinhard,It’s very good to hear that from you.I’ll keep doing it.Thank you again.

Fantastic lessons, Ozne! I love this language.