Should I keep adding lesson to Turkish Lingq

Firstly,I agree with on this issue,I love this language too:) And I’m putting in as muchtime as I can for recording.I also want to say thank you for your kind words.

Is Turkish a difficult language?

All languages are difficult. All languages are easy. It depends which “language family” you belong to.

If we forget that is my native language,no it’s certainly not a difficult language:)
I avoid to comment on this issue,I think,this explanation should be done by language expert who has got a lot of language.
At least I can say,it’s an agglutinative language,suffixes are very important.But once you learn them I think it’s very easy.How easy or difficult to decide that you just need to try it :slight_smile:

Yes, the problem with Turkish is, I think, the same as with Finnish or Hungarian. You “just” have to learn how to use some dozens of suffixes and then it’s easy! :slight_smile:

Oh, the way I see it, the suffixes is the EASY part of Turkish! You learn a single suffix and then you already understand a lot of words which have it. I struggle much more with the conjugation of verbs and with similarly sounding words: I constantly confuse a window with a pot, a sock with a soup and during a recent lesson I said that I have an aunt lying on the floor, when I obviously meant a carpet. Sometimes it’s so easy to mix up words…

You intend to misuse of ‘‘hala’’(aunt) instead of ‘‘halı’’(carpet).But don’t forget this, some beginner level english learner can make the same mistake in English .For example, he want to write ‘‘hat’’ but he may write ‘‘hot’’ instead,or he may misuse ‘‘two’’ and ‘‘through’’ in terms of sound.I think every language has got lots of mixable words.Moreover I liked your example :slight_smile: