Saved meaning not updating

I use the browser version of LingQ everyday, but right now I’m having this problem: the saved meaning for words is not working properly. It doesn’t update as it should. After writing the new meaning and hitting “enter”, it reverts to the previous meaning. Could anyone help, please?


I’m having this problem too just now. In addition, my LingQ ratings aren’t saving. Even if I click Known for a word it will revert to New (1) constantly.


I am having the same issue.


Also having the same issue.

Same here. JS Console says there is a 502 error in the card api. “/api/v2/ja/cards/<card-id>/”

Same error here - cannot edit word meanings.

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Must be a server issue, cause I’m having the same problem.

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Hello, same problem here, on Windows/Chrome.

Same issue here only on web version using Chrome. Works for the android app.

I am having same issue.

Same, had to come here and check if it was just me.

Same issue with this banana software here.
:banana: :angry:

Having this issue as well on Safari! Totally ruined my study plan tonight.

I confirm, it is impossible to define a new field or update an old field.

This kind of error, where Lingq does a change and something stops working, happens all too often. I wonder whether Lingq has appropriate testing facilities in place, like systematic regression testing.

Also, I have never seen these small changes announced. When they do produce problems they are not retracted, but rather “we are working on it as fast as we can”. That makes me wonder about version control. Are changes under control? Is Lingq capable of making and retracting changes? Are there adequate tests in place? Incidents and incident handling suggests there is no version control or testing in place.

Maybe a good place to start would be to announce changes before hand, so we (users) know what changes we can expect and when. Then install systematic testing and please install a decent change control.


There is no such concept of software management here.
Crazy enought: It works (currently) on Android. That implies that there is a disjunct server architecture for Android-App and Web-Browser.
Well “it just grew that way.”

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Same issue on Edge.

It was working fine last night (9pm UK time), now it is bugging.
These bugs happen way too often and as many people have rightly pointed out, they are a real problem and kill the joy of learning languages on this platform.

Lingq is a paying website and the cost of a premium subscription is quite high. Therefore people are entitled to expect better service than that. Lat week it was the dictionaries and tags that disappeared, now it’s the meanings that cannot be amended or added.

What on earth are your developers and QA testers doing??? Why are they constantly making changes on the live website instead of using a staging area???

Just having a staff member appearing on the forum to say “we are familiar with the issue and are looking into it” is simply not good enough. You need to listen to what countless people have had to say over the years and take their comments on board.

You need to better communicate with your users. Now that you have a brand new forum, you need to have a dedicated section where you keep users informed of any planned maintenance and updates as well as which changes to expect. There have been dozens of posts asking why YT audio cannot be imported anymore. Instead of replying X number of times to the same message, a pinned announcement would have done the trick.

Finally, someone suggested moving the Canny roadmap to the forum a few weeks ago. This was a great suggestion and should already have been implemented. Unless you do not want to be accountable to your users.


I agree with you SeoulMate. There’s always new bugs when I’m trying to use the website, I think they are pushing too many changes to production directly without doing any testing.

Yep, same here. And yeah, I’ve only been using the platform for a few months now, but have seen a fair number of outages and bugs. It’s quite disappointing for a paid platform.

In addition to the questions posed above (are changes tested in a staging area somewhere?), I also question if there is proper monitoring set up. It seems this issue was reported at least six hours ago with no response from staff? I would hope that alerts would have gone out to the sysadmins so that they could fix the issues immediately.

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I’m also having the same issue with the desktop Firefox browser .

Same here. I have to agree with the others. These errors would be (maybe) acceptable from a free platform. Once people pay for it, they rightfully expect proper service. I dedicated this morning to go through a couple of texts here, on LingQ, and found myself unable to do so. That is not cool, considering the troubles with the webpage last week, which were also very disruptive to my dedicated study time.
We know that issues can occur. But why so often and why it takes that long to fix them?