Rooster for LingQ - What is it exactly?

I’ve been away from LingQ for quite some time as I’ve been focusing on Dreaming Spanish. Can somebody point me to an explanation thread or video about Rooster for LingQ? There are soooo many posts about it and I’m kind of lost. I’m not sure exactly what it does or if I should utilize it (I do watch a lot of YouTube videos in Spanish using Language Reactor), what it costs, etc.


This might help you:

And this:

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I agree. The author of this extension didn’t put any explanation what this extension do or list of features. This is awful way of promotion in 2024

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Thanks but I still don’t really understand what it does and how to use it. I was hoping there was a post explaining it or a video or something for those of us who aren’t super techy. Trying to understand what I’ve seen written so far (and the couple of videos I’ve clicked on) seems to be a bit above my technical abilities.

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