Web Browser Extensions (Software) for LingQ

Hi Rooster!
I have just paid you via PayPal, For the master premium version… Please let me know if it’s correct, and whether this is the right place to request access?
Thank you!

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Thanks Julio, I’ll send you a private message.

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I have half followed the development of this.
On one hand I’m impressed you are improving LingQ.
On the other, yes, there are loads of things, software things, enhancements to bits of LingQ I don’t use.
Ignore this if you’re not in the mood for suggestions, but simplifying things might help.
Hide minor bits in submenus.
Think of user types; if you just want to read you can do x,y,z (I sort of just want a stats button).

I looked for rooster in LingQ extensions and didn’t see it. So simplifying that might help.

I tried an extension recently and didn’t know how to bring up or remove the controls; i don’t remember if it was this or not.
Yes, I’m up for a trial.

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I don’t know that a “scrolling text (listen) tab” is; so the extension isn’t doing anything.

I suggest you make some youtube videos - tiny chunks of functionality.


the UI still needs a lot of work, I’ve never been great at it but it seems to be getting better. I’ve spent the most time on the Youtube Tools addon, its starting to show now.

I’m not sure what you mean by this

I’ll need to write out a full guide at some stage, when the dev stuff slows down…

On the Rooster Reader support page there is a picture and video

Great, send me a private message with your e-mail address and i’ll send you the keys/download link

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I’ve just finished the user manual for Rooster Web Extensions - Check it out here.

Edit: Fixed some typos.


I couldn’t find Rooster in Chrome extensions - see picture.

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Are you sure its installed?

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Thanks for the trial.

i can get youtube to do two languages of text. I can’t se ewhere anythign relates to Lingq though.

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Now it displays coloured words (good) but not English (bad).

“Reset display” might be a good thing although it sounds bad.
It disabled my advert-remover.
I may need the lingq reader; not sure.
my mouse’s F5 acts like F12, showing developer stuff on my browser.
I found some stats.
I don’t know how to get the menu back.
One menu appears directly over the subtitle settings so I keep having to move it.
All confusing but potentially very good.

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Two buttons is confusing.

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As you’ve found out, there are 2 features to the Youtube tools. With LingQ functionality and without.
So people who don’t have a LingQ account can still use it.

Looks like you are figuring out a bunch of settings, you will be a pro in no time.

Ill write up an in-depth PDF guide for Youtube tools similar to the Web Extensions guide


Hi @roosterburton. I purchased the master extension for firefox and slowly working out how to use install and use it. I had two questions:

  1. NETFLIX TOOLS the linqs and new words are feeding throuhg to Linq and adding to my totals/coin counts etc. But the time watched does not count to hours of listening. Is this intended or have I got a setting wrong?

  2. Because the extension is only tempoary for firefox does this mean it needs to be uploaded everytime I use lingq? It appears to disapear if I close the browser.


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I have the same question for #2. The temporary extension disappears for me too as well. I need to reload it every time.

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Thanks for the support

Probably a bug mapping the LingQ language to Netflix Audio language in the code. I’ll have a look at that.

Edit: I checked this out and found no problem. Can you confirm the Audio Language and LingQ language match?

I’m working on permanent installation and automatic updates. Right now, you will need to load it again if you close the browser.


I’ve added a solution to install the extensions permanently on Firefox. See PDF


I loaded the permanent extension on Firefox Developer and it’s working on Youtube but not Netflix. Do I have to do something else to get it to work on there?

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Same steps as Master LingQ install → Unzip the main master lingq folder and get the Netflix ZIP.

Netflix extension also has a dependency on the official LingQ import extension


I have followed the instructions and the Netflix extension is loaded but the extension screens are not showing at all. Ah, just noticed I haven’t loaded the official LingQ extension! It’s working now that I have added the LingQ extension.


Thank you for responding so quickly!

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Im not quite sure what this means and where I would check it? Im watching/learning French and my native language on Lingq is English. Netflix is set to french so that I get the widest choice of material

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