Resources changed

I´ve noticed that now you moved the resources (as translations or youtube videos), putting them like an icon down the title of the lesson, (instead than in the right menu where it used to be).

I like this change, but please could you keep the access to videos and translations also in the right menu? Its a bit annoying having to go up to the top, and loose the place where you are making lingqs in order to watch the translation/video.

Keep the good work, as an user i really appreciate that the team is constantly trying to find new ways to improve the system.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the feedback. We are continuing to make small adjustments to the lesson page so leaving the controls where they are is not really an option. But, we understand the issue and will see what else we can do.

But with this change, now I can’t acesse both english and portuguese translations.

I use to use both.

Can you fix that?

p.s: I freaked out when I looked for the translations and found nothing. Took me 5 days until I notice the small button =/

I agree. The translations seem to stay a ‘little’ secret. I don’t know how often I had to explain where to find them.

I’m interested to know how it works when there are several translations and lesson notes.

German lesson with translation in French and English.
Lesson notes in German and English.
Student is French.

What will he see?

can I ask you. what is freaked out means ?


We have made this change because we felt all of the resources were too hidden where they were. We are hoping that they are more accessible where they are now but we also felt we needed to reduce the number of options so only show one language for each resource now. We realize this is less convenient for those of you who have gotten used to using multiple language resources and we apologize for this. We will see if we can come up with a convenient way to enable this but, in the meantime, you will have to change your interface language to see other language resources.

I agree that resources were to hidden. But I don’t feel that this is an improvement. I feel that they are still not very visible, but now they are more difficult to access too. You should definitely improve this. It is a lot of work to add translation, lesson notes etc. They should be shown on a prominent place. Otherwise it is not worth to invest time in this any longer.

In my lesson notes there are often links to according blog posts. This blog post enriches the lesson for example with pictures from my trips. It was a lot of work to add them and now people cannot read them because I’ve added them in the German lesson notes? I’ve add them to German that students from all countries can see them. Also I feel that more advanced students should be able read lesson notes in German.

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it should be good at least some shortcut to translations or videos, otherwise u have to go back to the top and loose the place where you were lingqing, which is really annoying to go up and down everytime

I am coming a little late to this discussion. I apologize for that. I agree with Vera regarding the language of lesson notes and more advanced students.

I can read in this thread that if you change your interface language you shoudl to be able to see the resources, but I did some testing and it seems the resources are connected to the dictionary language not the interface language.

I have shared several lessons in Portuguese and resources are in Portuguese (I don’t offer translations, only notes and videos) and it seems these resources will only show if the student sets his/her dictionary to Portuguese? I won’t even comment on this.

In my opinion this “conditional update” is a huge set back. Sometimes I feel LingQ has become less user friendly in many aspects. It’s regretable.

We’ll see what we can do here. The fact is we are both interested in the same thing which is making the interface such that more users see and use the resources. They were too well hidden where they were. We think they are more prominent where they are now. It isn’t perfect and we are considering other improvements.

@crissantos it may make sense to put your notes and videos in Portuguese in for all languages. That way, no matter what interface language you have chosen, you will see the Portuguese resources you created. Since there are no translations in other languages, there is no real downside.

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it basically means to panic or worry about something, usually as a result of some major event happening.
I freaked out because i thought i lost the tickets to the baseball game.
I freaked out because i found out my best friend was dating my sister.

It can also have a more positive connotation, in the sense that you got really excited about something.

She freaked out when she found out that she won the singing competition.
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I freaked out when I saw your response on my question with easy examples.

All the respect.

Dear Mark, thank you for your reply. When I first read your reply I understood that there would be an “all languages” option.
It is a lot of work to put notes in all languages. Just changing from Portuguese to another language will be a huge task - especially because I have over 70 lessons affected. I am not sure I am willing to go through this hurdle and this means that all these lessons have pratically been made redundant as they rely heavily on the resources.

I feel really frustrated. And the cherry on the top is that I have already begun to receive messages from users asking if I have forgotten to add the extra material.

Hello again, regarding the “all languages” thing. Would it be possible to create such a category that would solve the problem?

We’re looking into what we can do. I think we will simply show the notes from target language if no notes exist in the user’s interface language. I will let you know.

You should now see on the lessons that translations are displayed based on the following progression: interface language, dictionary language, native language, study language, English. If notes, translations or videos exist for the identified language, they are shown, if not, we will check the next language type in the list until there is something to display. Hope this helps.

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Will you also create a way to access to resources without having to loose the area where you are lingqing? before when it was on the right side you could see translations and doing lingqs at same time, now you have to go all the way up to see the translation, and once you click in another lingq the translation is gone again, its impossible to lingq videos from youtube anymore. Can this be fixed somehow? putting the the translations on the right side , or creating shortcuts. Thank u

@josu88 we are looking at ways in which we can do this but that is going to take a little more time.

Hi all, I’m learning Japanese now. I created a Lingq account several years ago, didn’t use it for a while, and now reopened it. I remember being able to locate the translation buttion very easily. But now I cannot seem to locate the translation button on the Lesson page like Josu88 described. I’m on the lesson page, and the ones I see are the audio buttons (play etc) at the top of the title, and the option to display in hiragana or romaji below the title. I looked at every single other button, big and small, but could not find it. Can someone help please?

Thank you.