[Resolved: Links Updated] HTTP ERROR 404 on Links within "Intro to Importing into LingQ" Guide

Update: Links fixed/updated in the “Intro to Importing into LingQ” guide.

Thank you LingQ Support Team: Especially, Zoran, LingQlearner, and tommy_learner_success!

P. S. Thank you for backing me up on the links davideroccato!

Hi LingQ Forum Team,

I get HTTP ERROR 404 errors when I visit the links provided in your “Intro to Importing into LingQ” Guide:

Question: Is it supposed to link to this topic?: Tips on Finding Content to Import in your Target Language
Or something else?

It’s looking better and more detailed, thank you! I just wanted to give y’all the heads up in case the links need fixing.

P.S. I’m on a Chrome browser on my macOS, if it makes any difference.

*Note: Edited to fix typo.

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I just want to confirm I get those 404 errors.

It seems also that the website (LingQ)Wixanswers doesn’t work. It doesn’t have a home page anymore, no login, and it activates some sort of automatic download. Probably something is off there.

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Hi guys, our Wix knowledge base is down because Wix has discontinued their service, we will ask our content team to remove URLs like https://lingq.wixanswers.com/. Thanks!


We will make sure to update URLs on that page. Thanks for reporting!

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Hi @jpp025 the links have been updated. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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