Required Known words for different levels doesn't match documentation

I was looking at the avatar chart (Avatar Help) where it lists the number known words to reach different levels (B1, B2, I1, I2, A1, A2), and the numbers do not appear to be correct.

For example, it lists Japanese A1 to be 20,750 known words, but looking at my own profile, I’m at I2 with ~13,000 known words and it says I have ~14,000 words to go. The math doesn’t add up.

I don’t care what the numbers are, I just want the documentation to match. Can someone provide clarity?

We actually updated the numbers for reaching level targets a few days ago to make them more accurate. We will update them in the documentation too soon.

Great thanks.

Has the documentation been updated yet? I’m curious about the new targets.

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Here’s the updated table.


This is the article link with the old references:

Do you have the threshold for all languages?

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Thank you!