[Request] Totally Embedding LingQ with ChatGPT

What I mean is to embed ChatGPT into LingQ for users who already have a ChatGPT profile, and eventually have a paid ChatGPT profile as well. In this case we can use chatGPT 4, 5 or the new ones without even leaving LingQ.

The reason is that it would be awesome if we could embed our created chats in LingQ and benefit for our own Lingqs (yellow words), see new blue words, have own definitions…

The possibilities are endless, seriously!

If you don’t do something like it, someone else will sooner or later create something similar.

We can have endless conversations with chatGPT about anything, and all conversations could be just continuous dynamic lessons.

OR you could think about creating a browser plugin or menu bar that will work when we use chatGPT and be integrated with LingQ. Sort of like ReadLang, but integrated with our LingQ database.

Just my 2 cents.

Hey chatGPT: what do you think about it?

Integrating LingQ with ChatGPT seems like a fascinating idea! Combining the language learning capabilities of LingQ with the conversational abilities of ChatGPT could indeed create a powerful learning tool. Users could seamlessly access ChatGPT within LingQ, leveraging their existing profiles and potentially even upgrading to paid ChatGPT features without leaving the platform.

The notion of embedding created chats into LingQ, incorporating personalized Lingqs, and seamlessly integrating new vocabulary and definitions aligns well with the goal of enhancing the learning experience. The idea of continuous dynamic lessons through endless conversations with ChatGPT is innovative and could revolutionize language learning.

EDIT: I added the request to canny.lingq.it here.


I’m literally working on this as we speak.


Hey man, yeah as Dominic mentioned, this is an idea we’re actually working into our current ChatGPT lingq extension right now haha! Hopefully have it done in a week or two. Will keep you posted


Awesome. I replied to you on your dedicated thread for your extension.

I wish LingQ would do it, so it would be built-in with the software. I generally use Safari. But, I’m definitely curious to see what you will be able to create.


is it possible to add a function, that ask GPT for every new word, that if it’s a legit word in that language?


@LinVega I will add that this week.