Repair streak

My french streak has been repaired and counting properly since, but would it be possible to fix the Korean one as well? Thank you!

@Adrianah All your streaks are now restored.

I encountered a problem that lingq does not count yesterday. Fortunately, it seems to be repaired now. But I lost my Japanese 106-days streak (my English streak was fine). I am sure that I reached my goal yesterday.

I tried to repair it by paying 5k coins but the day count was not correct.(it should be 107 not 106)
Can I retrieve my coin and 107-days streak?

My 487 day streak in korean just broke and it won’t repair either.

@kasper sure thing, done!

@kenny71223 Sorry, but 106 days is the only available fix we can do at the moment. Also, coins can’t be added back, but if you ever need to fix your streak in the future, instead of spending coins, you can email me and I will repair it for you.


@surgarh Done!

I lost my streak with the system issues last night. Can the linq team fix it?

@IvyWa Fixed! your Korean streak has been restored and is active.

OK, thank you for your reply.

@relfen It’s fixed now.

Hello ! I had the same problem with my streaks in the morning - although yesterday evening everything seemed to be fine. Unfortunately today I got the message that I lost my streaks. I paid with coins for German, before checking on forum, but I have the same problem with my French and Russian streaks.

Could you fix mine as well?

This issue occurred for me as well for Greek, Russian and German. Could you please fix my streak as well.

Same with my 280 day Korean streak, although I saw that my LingQs that I created yesterday have been counted :frowning:

strange; today i got a message saying that I lost my streak and please repair it. Anyways I repair it. Yesterday everything was fixed as usual by zoran; I dont know how I got losing this streak message today;.

Looks perfect - thanks so much!

Strange, let me know if that happens again, before you fix the streak.