Repair streak

Hi there,

Sorry about this, but can you check my streak for me again. This time I got a message saying I’d lost me streak, but I hit my LingQ target yesterday so I don’t see why this this happened.

Thanks for your help.

I fixed your streak.

Hi Zoran,

My streak has been reset to zero again. I hit my LingQ target yesterday so I don’t see why this has happened. Am l missing something or is this a software glitch?

If it’s a glitch can you please reset my streak.

Thanks for your help,


I fixed your streak.

Hi Zoran,
I hit my LingQ target yesterday, but today I’ve lost my streak.

Could you please repair this for me?

Thank you,

@Weevie No problem, fixed!

Hi Zoran,

I lost my Spanish streak today even though I hit my target yesterday… Could you please repair it for me?


@ariel9 Sure, fixed.

Thank you so much!

I hit my lingq Target yesterday more then once and it would not record it and now i see i lost my streak can you repair that for

I couldn’t repair my streak even when clicking the email link. Could you fix it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Same here. Yesterday the LingQs were not registering. Today I have lost my streak and my coins.

Good morning. I hit my target yesterday but the apple got stuck at 20 LingQs. This morning I was offered to repair my streak by buying it. So I did but it didn’t work. Now my coins are all gone as well? Could you please fix it? I would really appreciate it as I am also in the challenge for the 90 days. Thank you so much. :sparkles:

Same here, I hit my goal today and steak no. display as zero.

I lost my streak in both Korean and French despite meeting my goals yesterday. Repairing my French streak didn’t register either. Any way this could be fixed?

I also lost my streak in Korean, German, and Spanish, and I’m participating in challenges in all three. I don’t mind having to start my streak at zero, but my LingQ apple is stuck at zero no matter how much I link. Is there any way this could be fixed?

And my German streak, please

I was working last night and noticed the lingq´s weren´t being counted. sure enough, the streaks are gone. I thought I wasn´t the only one. If there is to be a global repair… no worries . but if you have to post to be counted, the streak was 82 in Spanish and 12 in German. Fix please? and thank you.

Hi, Zoran! Same for me - will you repair my streak? Thanks!

Sorry about that everyone!
We’ve identified the database issue which will require some additional fixes over the next few days or so. In the meantime, we have implemented a workaround that should allow you all to keep using LingQ. Some of the statistics may be affected at least in terms of the information displayed. All your work will be tracked properly on the back end and once we have completed our fixes will be shown correctly and be retroactively made up to date.
No streak activity or site activity will be lost. In the meantime, you should be able to use the web and mobile apps again as usual.