Repair streak

I couldn’t repair my streak although I followed the link on the email.
Is there any way I could do it now?

No problem, I fixed your streak. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Zoran, would you please repair my streak.

@Beva64 Sure, fixed.

Hello Zoran, please can you fix mine as I think I missed the repair by a day due to no internet on holiday. Many thanks.

Sorry, but unfortunately your break was longer than 1 day. I can only repair the streak in case when there is maximum 1 day break.

Zoran, can you look into mine? I wasnt given the option to repair with coins Thanks Much.

Sure, fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Much appreciated.

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Any thoughts as to why the offer to repair didn’t pop up?

It just happened again. It’s 217 am, midnight was 2 hours ago, and thr streak went to zero

I’ll check that. Your streak has been fixed.

Thanks much.

Hi! I couldn´t repair my German streak either following the link, and I was sure I had completed the lingqs for that day it’s alledgely missing, I don’t know what happened. I had no breaks; the following day I continued as if nothing had happened. Could you repair it, please?

Once it was my 94th streak day. I knew and could see I had made 13 LingQ the day before. But the pop up window told I have to repair my streak.
Anyway I wanted to stop it. That’s why I did not complain. But it was a bug, I think.

@yani1003 I fixed your German streak.

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I met my goals this week but somehowsomehow i lost my streak is there a possibility it could be repaired?

@Jayk I fixed your streak.

Hi Zoran,

I got an email about fixing my streak but the link didn’t seem to lead anywhere.

Could you repair it for me please?


@Weevie Your Greek streak is active and alive, it seems fine.