Regular English Speaking on Skype

Hi I am looking for speaking partners at skype to polish my english speaking. please send me your skype ids in case interested. Thanks


I want to improve my English also skype ID:vicky19232


add me too my id is sinceredesire

Hi, I want to improve my English. My skype ID: jason.ji1986

hi friend plz i need to improve my english and i need a friend who speak with me on skype my id muhammad.amin2125.

hi friend plz i need to improve my english and i need a friend who speak with me on skype my id muhammad.amin2125.

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feel free to add me

Hi everyone! I need a partner who is native English speaker with whom I can, from time to time, talk in English. I am also open for discussion in Serbian, which is my native language with people which aren’t native Serbian speaker, and I can help you with Serbian as well, even if you don’t speak it very well.

I am almost fluent English speaker, I talk with tutors here on LingQ, but now I just want to have free, genuine conversation with native English speaker, just casual chat.

So, if you want to talk with me in English (and you’re a native English speaker), or if you want me to teach you Serbian, please feel free to add me on Skype. My ID is “ninchekv”

my skype ID is lynn_zero

Hi every body. I need to improve my speaking English ability via Skype ,please if any can give help me to take that goal i would glad you ,

my Skype id is ruky.kuma


Hi This is Ali Qureshi
Want to have practise with partner with who i can make practise on regular basis.

Skype id : AliQureshi49

Hi everyone.

I am looking for someone who is a native English speaker to improve my English. I am preparing for Cambridge exam and therefore I would like to reach a very high level of English. Can any native English speaker help me? Thank you very much. My skype ID is peter.stefanik80

hi, friends
am also need to practice English well, somebody has interested to communicate with me please contact on Skype.
ma Skype id- sharathmohan00

Hello, My name is Gustavo and i am from Brazil. I love speaking english and hope make some friends on skype. My skype is gustavo.coghi

I need some upper level English speakers (I am an intermediate learner)They got to be very serious learners.Here my Skype id banerjeept

sign me up, ID: dan.tan1984

skype ID— eid.elmi1

Hello friends .I speak English fluently.No matter what your age,sex and even English level are like . I can teach those friends who their levels are lower than me and learn from those friends who their levels are higher than me . . For learning a language we need to learn it by our ears not by our eyes … so forget about textbooks,grammar and English classes .All these stuff are useless. we must learn from each other.So lets jump to speaking and improving our skills. I hop that all of you meet me on skype … This is my skype ID hadi_tahmasbmirza


Hi There,
This is Pankaj From India.This days I am trying to Improve my english speaking.
so if you can help me with.
My Skype is : thankipankaj10