Question for M. Steve and all members of LingQ

First off all I want to say hi for everybody and wish them good luck in their learning,this is first time that I open forum subject.

I was wondering, is there any chance and possibilities for improving, for my opinion this great website, adding him some small games who will have goal to improve writing ???

For example,something like animated M. Steve who will have some animated friends and they will need to do some things (eat a sandwich,go to restaurant,drive a call…) but we will have instructions in the bottom in one main language so we must write that correct in the language we want to learn. We can earn some points for our avatar in that way.

I think that this can be a good idea,because you learn to write and speak on funny way with your photo memory in the head,you are motivated to improve your avatar and earn some stuff and you start to get used keyboard on different language with all accent.

What is your opinion?


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Thanks for your suggestion! While we don’t have immediate plans to add new vocabulary tests, it’s helpful to hear feedback from members like you to get a better idea of what sorts of features you’re looking for.

Initially we’re working on some updates to the interface to hopefully make it clearer to new users how they can best use LingQ to help them learn languages. We are also working on updates to the mobile apps to help make LingQ more portable for users on the go. If you have any other suggestions let us know!

Your welcome Alex,

I will be glad to help you in this site with my idea and opinion like one user. I have really some interesting things to give you.
So If you are interested,I will give you my skype name. So, we can be a touch.
Anyhow I stay loyal to the LingQ.
I wish you good luck and all the best with your work!

I am anew in this site how should i start ? like points and conversation

Thanks! If you have any other ideas you can post them here on the forum or email them to us at support (at) :slight_smile:

Hi! You can learn all about the different aspects of the site from the Academy page (Login - LingQ). You can also learn more about points here: Points FAQ

If you still have questions be sure to let us know!

“we’re working on some updates to the interface”

Alex, you mean like changing that “academy” button to a “how do I start?” button? :slight_smile:

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In some sense, yes :wink: We’ve been testing out a few things over the past couple of months and have learned a lot about what causes new users to stumble. Once people are up to speed on the site they really enjoy it, so it’s just now a matter of adding some additional stepping stones to make that transition smoother - in essence, less choice and a more streamlined path for first- (and second-) timers. :slight_smile:

Alex, I could see there had been some Greek lessons added. But I was stumbled because the “+ New Course” button showed me nothing at my 1st attempt. I tried to repeat the same with the languages I’ve never learned. It shows nothing until I tick any checkbox. I guess the newbies may be stumbled and frustrated.

Thanks! We’re working on the LingQs of the Day issue to get everything sorted out there first, then we’ll take a look into what might be happening here…

The same emptyness is in the library untill I switch any level on.

okey thanks alot

Thanks again :slight_smile: It looks to have been related to a recent change, and we’ll do our best to get this one fixed within the next little while. In the meantime if you select a level it should show some results :slight_smile:

i want to start conversation but i donot have any points how do i make it ?

Without points you won’t be able to sign up for any conversations on LingQ. You can learn more about conversations on the Speak Help page found here: Tutor Help. You can also visit the Speak page (Exchange > Speak) to see some conversation times that tutors have posted.

must i payment to start coversation & how do i get these points?

Yup - please check the Points Help page mentioned above for the full details on points: Points FAQ

ok thanks sorry for the inconvenience

That is great news about the app! I really like it, but I wish there were more ways to use it. For example, more choices on how to set up flashcards on the iPhone app like you can on the iPad, an experience with new lessons with more of the functionality you have when on the computer, that sort of thing. I’m looking forward to the improvements! The best thing about LingQ is that it keeps getting better!

Keep your eyes peeled - more functionality is coming soon :slight_smile: