Question for M. Steve and all members of LingQ

No. 1 on my iPhone app wishlist is not a new feature but better 3G functionality for the current features. I know I have mentioned this before, but for me the app just doesn’t work as well when I am out of the house, even when connected to the Internet.

I would love to listen to LingQ material while I walk to work, but sometimes lessons won’t load unless I have pre-added them to playlists and I find that listening counting doesn’t work (and is a pain to add later, especially when you don’t know what has been counted and what hasn’t - and the division of listening time into tenths of an hour doesn’t help here). My current workaround is to listen to non-LingQ podcasts while I’m out of the house and the LingQ material at home but I would like to have more flexibility in this regard.


I believe if you update your lesson list by pulling down on the main list (after you’re reconnected to the Internet), the app will sync and your time listened while walking to work will be recorded.

Thanks for the tip - I’ll try that!

Thanks for the report on this, and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app. Is your 3G connection fairly strong at these times? If it’s a slower connection, it may be a result of some of the requests timing out due to the slower response times.

That shouldn’t, however, affect the app’s ability to track times of listening. Is this specific to the playlists or is it with individual lessons? I did a quick test in the app (a beta version, to be fair) and it seems to be tracking listening times correctly. This is tracked locally, so even if you are not connected to the internet it will still record the listening times and update it to the server when you next connect. If you can provide any additional information about when this isn’t working that would be very helpful!