Problems with the server

I can’t download any audio files and I can’t change the dictionary language. Something to do with the so called ‘maintainance’ or what is it?

For me the same. Impossible to download audio files…
I hope they will solve the problem.

Also, the Daily LingQs for 01 May have not been generated.

Points too. The drop-down box for points and navigation to the page to review points has disappeared.

You will find all points information under Settings now. Just click Settings in the profile menu and you will see our new tabbed interface for settings, account, points, invites, profile and notifications.

Hi! I took a look and it seems the lists were generated properly today - would you check the Settings page (the Notifications tab) to make sure everything is set up properly?

Sorry for the trouble with this! We’ll have all the dictionaries sorted out very soon, and are also working on the audio files and will aim to have this one resolved later today.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues!

Just a quick heads up that you should now be able to download lesson audio files without issue. We’re working through the list of dictionaries as well, and will have these updated within the next hour.

Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve the remaining issues that appeared after yesterday’s update!

Settings are to send notification. 75 LingQs Daily.

If I navigate to Vocabulary I have no entry in the dropdownlist for 01-May. Only items up to 30-April.

If it helps, it seems that one is also unable to upload audio when importing a lesson.

Thanks for the additional information here! I’m not quite sure what would be causing this, so I’ve passed this one on to our development team who will take a closer look into this.

I’ll let you know if we need any additional information!

I gave this a try but it seemed to work properly. Are you still experiencing this issue? if so, would you link me to a lesson and perhaps also email me the file that you’re trying to upload? This should hopefully help us in reproducing the issue :slight_smile:

This occurred last Fall after a server update as well. Although the notifications still worked, NO LingQs were generated over a period of time.

This might be a problem with the file size. Is there a limit to the size of an audio file that can be uploaded? I attempted an mp3 file around 18MB.

Do you get error message at the bottom when uploading file? 18MB file shouldn’t be a problem. As Alex suggested, it would be best if you can send us link to a lesson and email with the file that you’re trying to upload, so that we can try to reproduce this.

May 4 LingQs have been generated. However, I still get 0 notifications. I don’t even get a notification for your replies to mine in this thread. I get nothing.

I just turned forum email notifications ON. The crux of my issue is with Site Notifications.

I also would like to reply to mark but there is no “Reply” link for his reply below me.

Can you please confirm that you have forum emails turned on in the Notifications tab in Settings.

Problem solved. There were three (3) imports created for the same project I was working on. The 3rd had an audio file. That, in additon to a noscript rule in my browser for the audio (now hosted by amozonaws since the update?), there was “no audio” for me with the imported lesson. There is no further action required for this “issue” with audio.

Thank you for following-up.

I am glad to hear it. Let us know if you run into any other issue!

And me The Daily LingQs since 01 May not generate, too.