Problems with the server

Can you confirm that you are subscribed to receive LingQs of the Day for the correct languages? Please go to the Notifications tab in the Settings.

In settings → notifications my preferences are to “send notification for Daily LingQs”, “send notification for Forum”. Since April 30 I haven’t received a single notification (site notifcation not email) for anything. Not even the activities in this Forum Thread. That is part of the reason I do not reply or respond in this Thread right away. I have to take time to search for the Forum and Thread in order to even check if there is new activity within it.

I would have replied to your question/clarification above, Mark, but there is no way to reply to another’s reply so deep into the thread.

Sorry about this. Just to clarify, you are receiving the emails but not the site notifications. Is that correct?

It’s alright. Things like this happen.

Correct. I am receiving emails but not the site notifications.

Chinese characters are all joined together again in a lesson I imported a few minutes ago.

Thanks! There are some issues with the notifications. We are working on them and hope to get them resolved soon. In the meantime, you will have to rely on the emails.

Sorry! This one is on our list - we’re working through a few remaining issues that popped up with the major release last week, but will do our best to have this one resolved very soon. In the meantime, you can try deleting that lesson and importing the text again and it should hopefully work!

I get the “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR” message when I try to enter lessons provided by Il Narratore (this is the course I am currently working on: Login - LingQ ) on my computer.

No problems with any lessons however when I use the Lingq-app on my phone.

Sorry about that. We are looking into that now. I will let you know when you should be able to access those lessons again.

To clarify, Mark. I receive ONLY forum notifications. I haven’t received a notification (Site Notification nor Email) for LingQs of the Day since April 30.

Very sorry about that. We are looking into and hope to have it fixed today.

You should be able to access that course from Il Narratore now. Sorry for the delay.

We have discovered the issue. If you change the notification settings for this email on the Notifications tab to something else and then back to the number you want to receive, it should start working again. This number needs to be reset for some accounts. We are working to fix this ourselves but, in the meantime, doing this yourself should fix it for you.

I have begun receiving LOTD via email again after changing notification settings en masse. Unfortunately no LingQs have been generated since May 14. Of which May 14 was generated twice. There is no May 15 nor May 16 LOTDs.

I’m not attempting to be a pain in the behind. Since the April 30 update nothing seems to be running the way it had in the past. I’m all for change and improvements but this is like 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other when we talk advantage vs disadvantage in the roll-out effect.

Of course I’m not seeing the business end of the updates so please take my rant in perspective.

We have resolved the original issue with the LOTD related to the update but a few others issues cropped up not related to the recent update. We will generate the SRS lists for today shortly and we expect to get those emails out tomorrow and that there should be no more problems going forward. Sorry for the disruption but the net result should be a much more stable email system with better control of notifications.