Problem importing from YouTube

The last couple of days I’ve been getting this message while trying to import from YouTube: “Importing failed - ERROR: hKnWeXovrpY: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data”. I’ve tried deleting and reloading the Lingq extension but without success. Any advice?


If you really need this particular video, do the following: (1) save mp3 audio, use , (2) copy CC from the video into MS Word or similar, (3) add new lesson in LingQ, (4) paste text and add audio.
Generally, Chrome extension works fine. Have to wait for audio to be imported though.

Thanks for the hint, although the extension isn’t working at all on Chrome for me at the moment. It used to work fine for ages up until a week ago.

I’m having the same error message! It was working yesterday and today it’s not.

Are you unable to import anything you try? Can you post a link to one of videos you can’t import?

Yes, unable to import anything I’ve tried lately. Here’s one I just tried without success with the same error message coming up: Des colonies de robots-cafards ! | ZdS#22 - YouTube

I’m able to import from Netflix but nothing from Youtube works. Is it the same for you?

I have the same problem. I am using Safari. For the last few days I the import plugin just doesn’t work. There is always an error message with the note “import failed”.

Me too, I removed the lingq extension and installed the newest 16 september version and the problem continues ". Please I’m loosing my time and it’s a bit disappointing.
Error: Importing failed - ERROR: gZKmV1voBl0: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data

The youtube video is Regola 4 - FAI UN PO' OGNI GIORNO SENZA STRESS (SUB ITA) | Imparare l'Italiano - YouTube

Yes, I’m able to import from Netflix without any problem, but not YouTube.

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@dannydudlow Do you have extension version 1.7.19 installed? I tried to import that video through Chrome extension and it worked fine.

@ry4n808 Which browser are you using?

I’m using Chrome. I just downloaded the extension on my girlfriends computer and was able to download the videos I wanted so I’m confused why it stopped working on my computer.

Yes, I’m using 1.7.19. I’ve just removed the extension then added it again to check that it’s the right one, and just tried importing the video, but have the same message coming up.

My guess is that is due to YouTube removing access to its materials - here’s some explanation (in English) - 'youtube-dl' downloading software restored to Github - 9to5Google

I am having the same error as well. Nothing is importing

Thanks everyone. I reported problem to our team and hopefully they will figure out what’s going on. Seems like this issue is effecting some users only.

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The same problem since yesterday
Error:Importing failed - ERROR: L0Vba0_bbhg: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data

Hey guys
11/03/2020 and I’m still having problems. Anyone else?

the problem persist
Importing failed - ERROR: iT7p1gAmrt8: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data