Potential Senate candidate "Kid Rock" fires back at Eminem for his Anti Trump Freestyle Rap

Ladies and Gentleman… this is an actual, political news headline in 2017. Not the onion, not fake news, but an actual news headline in a political newspaper. Senate candidates having a rapper feud over president games show host Donald Trump.

And this is an actual white house photo.


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Not THIS Kid Rock?

Oh man, the Senate is going to have a funny old haze in the smoking rooms! :smiley:

Yes, the very same. And he has actually polled ahead of the Democratic candidates. The problem for him though is when they poll his real name, which is what goes on the ballot, Robert James Ritchie.

I prefer my politicians to be lying old men in suits pretending they’re looking out for my best interests. I can relate to them so much more.

I’m fairly sure that he dropped out a couple weeks ago. edit: Kid Rock on His Fake Senate Run: ‘Watching the Press Losing Their S–t Was Hilarious’ – Billboard

Also, why does Eminem now look like Mike Pence?

ha ha yeah hope he changes his mind if it means he never sings again

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Annnnnnd. this is why young people such as myself take politics as a joke. It’s changing, but we need to actively participate to actually change it.

I don’t know anything about this Kid Rock dude, but as a general rule I would be all in favour of broadening representation to include people from poorer working class communities that are often patronised and sneered at by political elites.

Consider for example the ‘House of Lords’, the British upper house. During Tony Blair’s time it was stuffed full of right-on urban Liberal types, lawyers, theatre directors, architects, etc - the so called ‘Tony’s cronies’. These are people who in many cases have nothing but hate and scorn towards the views and concerns of ordinary working class people - unless they happen to be from some special “under privileged” (i.e. politically over-privileged) group, such as Muslims, transgender, etc.

But the real outrage, under our system, is that:

(1) these ‘Lords’ are appointed rather than elected. Nope, you didn’t misread that! These goons aren’t elected by ordinary citizens to their generously rewarded jobs.

(2) it is a job for life! Again, nope you didn’t misread that! Once appointed, the Lords continue in office literally until they croak!

You get old b__ards who never speak in debates, who rarely vote, but just clock in at the entrance every morning, leaving a taxi with the meter running, and thus get paid a big juicy wad of taxpayers’ money!

The House of Lords is an affront to democracy at so many levels, and it baffles me that there isn’t huge and continual demand for radical reform.

(Okay, rant over!)

Lord McInnes explains: Gavin McInnes: England’s class system & the Manchester attack - YouTube

And here is Lord McInnes versus a feminist:

(I literally cried with laughter when I saw this :-D)

Yeah… Many of the center left Parties in the western world have become incredibly elitist, I’m not surprised, and England definitely has lot’s of that stupid admiration for high status and royalty. I’m a big tennis fan and I always get annoyed watching wimbledon, as they always cut the camera to the “royal box” where the announcers regularly fawn over the appearance of England’s truly elite "royalty’. There is nothing more irritating than high status elitism,

The Royals…well ya know…they have zero political power these days…

One thing that fascinates me is how, even in republics, one often sees the emergence of political families. Hence in America you have the Kennedy family, the Bush familiy, the Clinton family, and now (quite possibly) the Trump family.

I dunno, Maybe Donald will declare himself and his heirs to be King-Emperor in 7 years time? :slight_smile:

Something like that. How Trump is legally allowed to push for a tax proposal that would give his business 10’s of millions in tax cuts while he is president…

You are right though, It was more of a commentary on celebrity and status elitism than actual political power, but I agree with you about the Bush’s and the Clinton’s. Jeb “please clap” Bush was the worst politician of all time, but for some reason he was a presidential contender that fundraised 10’s of millions of dollars and went fairly deep into the primaries until trump completely blew it up…

I give you the saddest moment in american political history. Jeb Bush: "Please clap" - YouTube

Jeb Bush - the guy who should’ve drunk some political Red Bull :smiley:

(Seriously, though, if it wasn’t for the fact that his father and brother had been President, I’m sure nobody would have taken him remotely seriously as a contender. Yet - just as you say - this is a guy who was able to get millions of dollars worth of backing for his campaign. Strange.)

Please respect King Jeb

Damn dude, I just realized 107,000 known words in Russian… that’s almost enough to read war and peace. And I thought I was getting somewhere with my 4.5k Czech count… also, I will not respect Jeb.

Having said that, I would rather have kid rock or eminem, than the 200 Billionaire CEO’s who have decided that since trump won, they should run in 2020. Mark Zuckerberg… and the Starbucks CEO, Bob Iger, Mark Cuban…have all started going through the motions of a presidential campaign… Another Out of touch billionaire is just what we need.

Having 106k known words is indeed impressive. Have you ever attempted to read “Crime and Punishment”? Is the language much different than today’s Russian?

It’s the same old, just the same old - a small über-rich elite running things primarily in their own interests and for their benefit. And the unwashed masses can shut up and pick up the tab (quite literally in the case of the financial crash.)

I’m against Socialism for other reasons (basically it doesn’t work at the end of the day) But there is a small part of me that would rejoice to see jerks like Zuckerberg stripped of their undeserved billions.