Please keep the "Classic" option running

I am sure you worked extremely hard at implementing the new functions and I was really looking forward to a fast and smooth experience. Hmmm. I do prefer the classic view where I have a full page of text in front of me. The other view seems less than serious to me. I like some serious reading and dislike words turning blue. It is not conducive to learning. I like lots of blue words, something to get my teeth into :slight_smile:

[I have to add here that I am not the most active of LingQ learners, but every now and then even I get determined to do some work and then I would like the system to do what it is meant to do.]

In Classic view:

When I click on settings the first two or three rows are blocked by the button “Try the new view” and I cannot switch to whatever is hidden beneath it, as I don’t know what it is.

There doesn’t seem to be a function to switch dictionaries. And why do I get hints automatically in German? We used to be able to choose, didn’t we?


There is a 1 next to the green LingQ shape on the top row - indicating that there is one message for me?? Well, nothing is loading under Notifications once I click on said 1.

I am sure there are many good points to the new reader for most people and I am pleased that after the inital slow start during the first few days the site is faster again.

I am also looking forward to using the new app once it is released because I have bought myself a nice little thingy for my xxxxxxth birthday.


The classic view is NOT available for new members (like me). Therefore I expect the classic view to be removed in the near future. Otherwise I would like to have it too or a reduction of the member fee :wink:

What’s more, I have the problem that there are sentences missing in some lessons (using the new view).

Since the new version doesn’t yet work correctly for Arabic, I too would very much like to keep the classic! ( or lingq would become useless to my, since the the arabic text is backwards in 4.0)


So your son has stopped buying you new gedgets for your birthdays?
For messages, click on the green thing instead of the number itself.


@SanneT Happy birthday!

Quote from Mark on the long thread:

“I urge you to try using the new reader only for a few weeks and then see if you still want to go back to classic. Not because we want you to abandon classic, it’s not going anywhere. But, because numbers aside, we genuinely believe the new reader is much, much better.”

emphasis on “it’s not going anywhere”

And somewhere else was made clear that they not guarantee that it will stay forever.

To not allow new users choosing their preferences is a clear statement that they will turn it off. Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe in 3, 4 or 6 months.

It would be a very sad day.

Honestly, we have no plans to remove Classic View. We will fix that issue with the button SanneT. We don’t offer it to new users because we think new users will do better with the new view and we don’t want to confuse new users with more options. Early results seem to confirm this. In the long run we hope to make the new view enticing enough that all users will want to switch over.

I would like to Second that Motion, as I personally would like to see the entire text with smaller passages, and portions of the text for something like a book chapter. But only about the size of a page, not necessarily a sentence.

In fact I am an “old” user but canceled my membership some years ago. I decided to restart my learning with LingQ after I noticed that LingQ 4.0 came out. Now I am not allowed to use the scrollable view that others enjoy, but pay the same price. I like LingQ but feel like a 2nd class member.

In Russian I am not even able to select an external dictionary. In the new view there is a message: “Please select some dictionaries in Classic View”. This is really a big joke, as I am unable to switch to classic view. How am I supposed to select a dictionary?

I discovered that problem as well… Sigh…

Good to hear that Classic will stay :slight_smile:

I think there is no harm in offering “new members” the Classic version if they especially ask for it.

Personally I use Classic view for English and Beta for my other languages at the moment.

I’ll be sure to send a telegram via horse and buggy to you when classic is available again. If not, you could check out some vhs learners tapes and vinyl record lessons if that is more your style.

P.S. just kidding. :slight_smile:

@vrwtwt, that text is a bug we’ll fix asap. But the ability to select 16 external dictionaries is working. Just click the “All dictionaries” to see the list of external dictionary options, then click on the one you’d like.

@thomas_dc, the Classic mode isn’t going anywhere. We will be looking into getting the Beta languages working with the new reader!

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Great! I’m looking forward to using the new reader. I love the idea of pages!

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I actually really like the new version, despite the fact that my first reaction to seeing that only a paragraph at a time popped up was an expletive. I found the update which allowed only 2000 words per lesson enormously frustrating because nothing I read is that short, and so it just meant more loading time and breaks between reading. But the new format is so much faster, and thus far totally without glitches in loading new words/hover translations/saving translation edits/etc, that it makes up for not having a full text available.

It would be nice if classic remained available, but overall, I’m satisfied.

Also, I noted people’s discussion of paper books vs. LingQ. I’m at a point in Russian where I don’t really need LingQ to be able to read whatever I want, but I still use it. While I enjoy reading paper books - there is, nevertheless, something more engaging about holding a real object and turning pages that I feel like gives me a deeper understanding and stronger memory for the story - I find LingQ to be irreplaceable if I want to actually improve my Russian. I’m simply not going to review words that I see in books, even if I write them down, because it’s too much effort. That means that my vocabulary isn’t going to grow. Since I’m likely never going to know Russian the way I know English, studying will never be over for me, so reading books in Russian, while pleasurable, will always come with the awareness that I could be learning at the same time by using LingQ. Just last week, I ran into the phrase “почто молодых родителей с ребенком обидели”, and while I had no problem understanding the meaning, without LingQ I would have missed the translation “Why hast thou…”, which adds a stylistic nuance that I would have missed - and really, could never have understood without a translation no matter what kind of immersion in Russian I’ve had.


Real books are organized into paragraphs (that help you understand connected ideas). In the new version of LingQ, i have noticed that it is a bit of an annoyance to have to switch pages to re-read parts of a SINGLE paragraph-- this is not a problem with the classic LingQ.

If the real/physical book I am currently reading (La Confession by John Grisham) forced me to turn the page every few sentences it would be thousands of pages long (instead of the 700+ pages it really is).


I agree. Especially the paragraphs are often important to understand when something is happening in a new setting or if there are switching perspectives.

I remember a book where they even switched colors in the book to make clear if this part of the story is happening in the real world or in the fantasy world. It would be quite hard to understand the book without having this.


I’d appreciate the classic version to stay available: I often reread lessons and in the new version it is awkward if I have to click all the time after a short passage.
Moreover, in the classic version I can find hints in other languages, and this seems to be lost in the new version.
A question: where can I find a survey of all the hotkeys, tips and tricks of both versions?

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