Ordering Playlist folders


On the Playlists Page, I have created a list of playlist folders on the far left of the page. I would like to order them. Can you tell me if this is possible?

For example, when I create a new playlist folder it appears at the bottom of the list. However, i might want to move this folder up to the middle or top of the list. I would like to order my listening material by the easiest at the top of the list and hardest at the bottom.

If this is not possible now, are you able to introduce this feature?

The only alternative is to number each folder to indicate level of difficulty when I name them but this is a bit “clunky”.



That’s not possible at the moment. We will see if that’s something we can implement in future.

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Zoran, with all due respect, I asked you EXACTLY the same question as David72 AGES ago and you gave me EXACTLY the same answer then as you’ve just given him now! It really would be very useful. Please implement it “soon” not “in the future”.


I just noticed I can move the lessons up and down inside the playlists. Thanks for making this happen!

I’ll be very happy when I can move the folders themselves up and down. Though I realise it’s less of a priority than fixing aspects of the website which stop functioning or interrupt the studying process.

Yes, you can, and that’s good. But we should be able to move the playlists themselves up & down likewise. If you’re adding new lessons to newly set up playlists, it’s a hassle. The aim of this site should be to be as intuitive & useful & user-friendly as possible.

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Any update on being able to order playlists? Do we have this capacity now? Presumably, since we can order the lessons within the playlists (by clicking on the title and dragging up and down), there should be the capacity to order the playlist folders themselves? It is just odd that the site does not allow you to order your work for easy access. As you can see below, I’ve used numbers to order material from easiest to hardest but the folders are all over the place. Thanks.


No changes there yet, sorry.