One thousand votes for Romanian!

Hi everybody!
After five months during which I contacted many Romanians and other people to tell them about LingQ and the beta language poll, finally Romanian has reached the required amount of 1,000 votes and is expected to become LingQ’s next beta language!
I hope some of the people I contacted (some of them even joined LingQ) will be willing to share some lessons soon.
I look forward to resuming learning Romanian at LingQ!


Congratulations Mike, I know you’ve done a lot of work bringing attention to the cause, and I hope you’ll enjoy Romanian soon. And good luck on your project to learn all the European languages!

Thanks Greg!


Congrats, hopefully Steve will now create a slot for Romanian.
The only problem that remains is that there are no lessons in Romanian…

Lessons will come soon!

Well done Mike!

Thanks J_4_J!

@mikebond - Well done! Romanian should be added in the next week or so :slight_smile:

Super, mikebond! Congratulations on the success of your effort.

Not very close: 275 votes for Modern Greek and 147 for Ancient Greek.

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Congratulations Mike. I will be learning Romanian at LingQ! BTW I hope I am not at the top of the Activity Score rankings!! That is meant as a challenge!

Hi Steve, I’m glad you also want to study Romanian and I hope you will be able to help me to find content providers and tutors. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mike! You’ve worked hard to achieve this.

Where are we going to get the first LingQ lessons in Romanian from, do you have any ideas?

Looking forward to it too myself.

@skyblueteapot: I have already started to write to the Romanians who helped me with the poll, and I hope some of them will agree to write and record a few texts.

So this is how languages are added as beta languages to LingQ. How do they become fully supported languages? Do they need to get a large enough library, or is it about how many people use them?

@Colin: It’s about both. E.g. Czech has a pretty large library, but few people study it, so it’s not a supported language yet.

@ mikebond - Thanks for the quick reply.

Every language that I have any intention of studying is already in the system, but I am still interested in why certain languages have not yet been added. Obviously when the language uses some strange and exotic writing system, it would require a lot of development to add it to the system, and therefore can only be added if it likely to bring in enough paying members to justify the development, but what about languages that are written with an alphabet that is based on Latin alphabet? I would have expected that these could be added as beta languages really easy, but of course I have no idea. I am sure there is a good reason why these languages do not appear.

After the first four beta languages (Czech, Polish, Dutch and Arabic) were added in July 2011, LingQ started a poll on their Facebook page: every month, the most voted language was added as beta language. However, the rules changed in March 2012, after they noticed that very few users were studying any of those languages (but their programmers needed to work to enable each new language). Hence the new, tougher rule of the 1,000 votes to be gathered for a new language to be added.