One thousand votes for Romanian!

There is always some work involved in setting up and maintaining a new language at LingQ, not to mention the complaints that we get from users who find that the size of the library or the quality of dictionary for unsupported languages is not good enough. So it ends up being a distraction from our main job which is to make LingQ as good as it can be for most users.

Personally, I would like to see an unlimited number of languages, including Thai or Hindi with non-Latin scripts or even endangered or minor languages such as Canadian aboriginal languages. Hopefully, once we get a number of other things done we can focus in on that. Meanwhile we have set the bar at 1000 votes and full marks to Mike, one of our strong supporters at LingQ, for pulling it off. If you set your mind to something, it can often be done. Just like learning languages!

I can imagine that having a language with a tiny library could look worse than not having the language at all. It is not logical, but it is the way us mortals often see things.

I would actually quite like to study Scottish Gaelic one day. I better start collecting votes.

Anyway, nice work getting Romanian added.

I would love to use Lingq to learn Romanian. It is the only latin language that I have any interest at all in learning. At the moment, I am learning Croatian, and Serbo-Croatian would be great to have here, but I am not too sure how many people would use it.