On a shoestring

I found an expression I had not known. It is “on a shoestring.”
“If you’re a shoestring traveller, there’s no getting around it – England isn’t cheap.”–Lonely Planet England

Is this expression commonly used?

I can assure you that that is not commonly used.

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Never heard it before, to be honest. o.O Maybe older generations said it, or it’s regional?

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What It’s Really Like to Live on a Shoestring Budget

This must be Lonely Planet’s favourite expression but, personally I do not know of anybody who actually uses it.

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WHAT!!! You mean, you guys DON’T actually use this expression!!! Oh wow…Geez, I do lots of things on a shoestring:)

Milions of people use it… of all ages… Looks like you’re missing out! :)~


Apparently not Americans!

Use it all the time. Very common in English usage.

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I knew that this was going to happen ! :smiley: Julz., think how dull it would be if we all used the same expressions ! I love reading how we all have different opinions and how, sometimes, there can even be some risqué double entendres !

Travel on a shoestring

Grinning here:) Aussies like to good-naturedly poke fun at the Amerocentrics who think the only standard of English is American ^^.

They forget (or more likely don’t know) that English is the primary language in at least 34 other countries…

I’ve heard it more than a view times. I think it depends, it just means doing things on a budget or “on the cheap”

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Well, the Aussies seem to be the ones familiar with this expression. Not coincidentally, the Lonely Planet headquarters is in Melbourne and the founders have been living in Australia for decades.

We use this expression in Canada too.

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I’ve been living on a shoestring for years!

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I’m very familiar with it. (Western US) It might be an age thing, not a location thing.

Yes, you are so right! "I’m travelling on a velcro strip just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

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Are you insinuating that Americans don’t know how to do their shoes so they all just use Velcro instead?

I can neither agree nor disagree


You have just brightened a very grey, very wet afternoon for me ! Wonderful.

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It beats living on a prayer!