Notations to Corrections Under the New Format


I had a recent correction done. The correction came back but I’m not able to find the notes explaining the corrections. There is a correction and notes explaining the corrections, and there are footnote numbers corresponding to them, but nothing happens when I try to click on them. The corrector has confirmed that he can’t open them either.

Can someone at LinqQ let me know what to do to be able review the notes accompanying the corrections.


You should be able to hover on the highlighting or the number. If you don’t see the notes when you do this, which browser are you using?

Chrome on a Mac

And you see nothing when you hover?

Only the little hand that usually indicates I can click in a link. But when I click nothing happens. I’m away from my computer but I can try again when I get back to see if hovering for longer works. I don’t have the fastest connection in the world where I am. Am I supposed to be able to click the link.

So I tried again this morning. Nothing happens when I hover over the highlighting; my corrector wrote the following:

“Ah tienes mucha razón, con este cambio en LingQ la verdad no sé dónde se pueden consultar las notas. Tal vez si publicas un POST en el foro de Soporte a LingQ nos puedan ayudar.”

@CTaylor - That is very strange. I am on Chrome on a Mac and I can hover on the green highlighting to see the notes. There is a slight delay so that may be it. Otherwise, I’m not sure what to say. Obviously, not all corrections have notes so you may have to try hovering on a few.

I moved over to a different router, different place. Same thing – I can leave the curser on the highlighting or on the numeral of the footnotes, forever, and nothing happens. Are you able to check my lesson specifically if I send it to you? Maybe there is something wrong with it in particular.

@CTaylor - Can you send me a link to the post you are having trouble with? Or, was it a private correction?

The same problem here: hovering does nothing at all. (Chrome 27 on Windows Vista)
Why don’t you make the older report view available as an alternative - they both have their own features.

update: hovering works for some corrections (green words), but not for all.

Don’t like having to hover over at all: can’t copy&paste, can’t see as a list and so on… Table view was fine enough for me.

I agree with eugrus. When I hover on the correction, I sometimes only see the beginning of the explanatory note.

I have yet to see a note that only shows part of the note text. Can you give an example from the exchange page? Many corrections have no note which is why nothing shows on the hover in a lot of cases. On the Portuguese submission at the top of the exchange, all notes work on the hover and I don’t think they are cut off. Only number 8 does not have a note and shows nothing on the hover.

My lesson was private, but tell me the best way to get you into it and you can take a look. Out of many corrections, I can only find a couple where hovering brings up anything at all, and they look partial, I’m not sure. The rest, nothing happens at all. I’m now in much better wi-fi hotspots and there seems to be no improvement.

I would agree that having the option to see the notes on another page (perhaps in addition to hovering) makes a lot of sense, as a back up at a minimum, and for the fact that I have at times copied and pasted the notes into a lingQ page in order to use LingQ the words and phrases in the commentary.

Mark, I will give you an example as soon as I get to my pc, because, of course, notes cannot be displayed on mobile devices at all, which would be another reason to add back notes in the previous format, at least as an option.

Ok, Mark, I’m back with an example where I only see parts of notes: Login - LingQ.
At note 3 I can only read “em alternativa,” (“alternatively,”) where the comma clearly shows something follows but is missing.
At note 10 I can only read “ou” (“or”). Another option must follow but is not displayed.
At note 12 I can only read “[do] é a contraçao de” (“it is the contraction of”), “de + o” is missing.
Any help would be appreciated.

@mikebond - The notes seem to be working properly for that submission. Are you sure there is text that is not being displayed? We can’t seem to make note text not appear there. We will see if we can figure out a way to enable those notes to be viewed on a tablet.

@CTaylor - What we can try to do is to import the note text along with the text and comments when you click the Import button. We can’t show the old page any more because it doesn’t handle the display of the new functionality on the Exchange.

Yes, I would like that; tell me what I need to do. I’ve been holding off on doing more writing simply for this issue. Thanks. c

What we can try to do is to import the note text along with the text and comments when you click the Import button.

An OPTION to have either that OR the clean version would be fine!