Not counting words read!

The progress snapshot is not count my words read correctly. When I increase the amount of time I have read an article it dose not show up on my Progress snapshot. Thanks

@vettel - I just tried this, updating the times read for a lesson then opening my profile page, and it seemed to update correctly. Would you be able to tell us which browser you are using and also try it again to see if it is still an issue?

@vettel - I just tried this, updating the times read for a lesson then opening my profile page, and it seemed to update correctly. Would you be able to tell us which browser you are using and also try it again to see if it is still an issue?

This is also a problem for me at the minute. the ‘words read counter’ has not been updating in the past day or so for me. I use google chrome.

Its not updating for me either. Judging by my stats, I don’t think it has updated for a few days at least. I read a 413 word imported article just a little bit ago and my total words read for the week didn’t change. If I switch it to just today’s stats, it says I’ve read -424 words.

Windows 7, Firefox 20.

@Bonnenouvellejonny, cgreen0038 - We recently made a change so that the words read is no longer updated automatically the first time you study a lesson. There were some synchronization issues that were identified, and we decided it was better to remove the automatic updating here. This means that you will now need to manually increase this number after completing a lesson.

If you notice other issues related to the words read statistic please let us know!

Yeah, I noticed the lack of automatic updating. That isn’t the issue. I marked the lesson as read myself and it doesn’t count it as read. Instead I got negative words read for the day and at a different number than the words in the lesson. Even if I didn’t notice the lack of automatic updating, wouldn’t you think its strange that I have negative words read? I guess I should also specify that no, I have not subtracted words read today or reduced the number of times read on any of my lessons.

@cgreen0038 - I tried this again and it seems to be working properly. Do you notice this for specific lessons or all lessons? Also, if you can reproduce this consistently it would be helpful to know which steps you are taking and in which order.

@cgreen0038 - I now see what you mean; there does appear to be an issue here. I’ve added this to our list and we will get this fixed. In the meantime, it seems it isn’t counting the first time you read a lesson so in the short term you can add 2 times of reading for a lesson in order to get it to show 1 time of reading in your statistics.

ya I was using chrome as well

Thanks Alex.

Arrgh, I just noticed this. When I tried to add a fake second reading to every lesson I’ve read in the last week or so it instead gave me three readings, skipping the second fake reading altogether. So right now I really I have no idea of the exact amount of words I’ve read in the last week, and maybe have more than I should. I was getting close to a million words of French read, but now my stats are in question, how will I ever know exactly when I cross this milestone? (the horror! :slight_smile:

When this is fixed will I be able to reset all these lessons back to one time of reading and have it count correctly?

@all - Can you try this now and let us know if it’s working properly?

It seems to be working for me. I just opened a lesson I haven’t read yet and added 1 times read at the bottom. It has been added to my total number of words read on my main page.

However…I tried to lower back to 1 all the ‘times read’ of all the lessons I added an extra time of reading to yesterday. Within the lesson itself they all now say 1 time read, but if I go into the My Lessons page, they still all show 2 or 3 times read, yet on my main page I now have a reading score for the last week of about minus 5000!

Something weird: On the My Lessons page, if I try to add another times read to the lessons that have 3 times read, it changes to 2 times read!

edit: wait, it has stopped doing that now, a freak occurrence?

@lapoubelle - I’m not exactly sure why this was happening, but it seems to be working properly over here now. It may be a bit tricky to fix your statistics over the past few days if you’re looking to get the exact number, but from now on it should work. Also, in the end this number is a rough number as no matter how hard we try, we can’t track every single word of reading! I’m sure you’ve gone back a few words and read the same phrase multiple times in one go :slight_smile:

Ha, definitely true, I could actually be in the billions for all I know. Thanks for getting this working again.

Words are not counted if I add 1 to counter AFTER I finished processing all new words of a lesson to lings. I have to add them manually.

In case I add 1 to counter BEFORE starting linqing, it works fine and words are counted automatically.

This bug is not that annoying, but it is still a bug.

Safari 6.0.3, Mac OS.

@alb - Ah, thank you for the additional information about this. I see now that this is an issue, and we will be sure to get this fixed.

@alex - Just to add to what alb said: If I finish lingq’ing a lesson, the lesson automatically gets marked as read once but that doesn’t get counted as part of my words read stats. The first time I personally mark the lesson as read, it will count as part of my words read stats. I think before the latest correction it was listing lessons as never read after lingq’ing and I would have to mark the lesson as read twice before it would count. So the count is still off by one but I only have to mark the lesson as read one time instead of twice before my words read increases. Hopefully that makes sense.

@cgreen0038 - I’m not sure I entirely understand your post. Right now there is no more automatic counting of words read, so you will have to click to increase the counter. I assume that once we deal with the issue raised by alb, it will be working properly for you as well. We’ll do our best to get this fixed soon!