Not counting words read!

@alex - I understand it isn’t supposed to automatically count words read anymore but my lessons definitely get automatically increased to “1” for the times read count after I finish lingq’ing the lesson. This is without me increasing the count. It started doing this after you posted on this thread asking everyone to try it again.

When I click on the times read counter to increase the times I have read a lesson it will show on the counter that is below the actual article but it will not record anywhere else(activity summery, etc.) and I am using google chrome. Thanks

@all - OK, we just pushed a fix for this so please let us know if you are having any additional issues with the Words of Reading and Times Read counters!

@alex - I just tested it out and it appears everything (counters, words read) is working as it should.

Looks like the word counting works fine now.

Works beautifuly now! Thank you!!!