Nobody can correct my writtings?

Hey ?
I don’t understand. From one and half or two months I have posted a writting in spanish to be corrected by a Tutor. No answer. I choose another tuteur, no answer. So I have put it with the option to be corrected by everyone…no answer.
Has something changed in LingQ, I am not informed about ?

I hope to have a answer here… ;-(

Cecile, tu sais très bien que personne ne travaille en août… :slight_smile:


Send it to me if you want.
Envoie-le-moi, si tu veux.

I recommend italki. Free corrections, lots of Spanish correctors. I’m in no way affiliated with it by the way.

I think our Exchange system is not very active. What can we do to make it better?

If it’s not already, make it free.

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“Can I convert my points to cash?
Yes, you can convert points into cash but you will need a minimum of 10000 points ($100) to do so …”
“Do points I earn for tutoring expire?
Yes … They must be used or redeemed for cash within 90 days.”

Lowering the minimum points to 5,000 or less might work.
Nobody thinks that the LingQ point is reliable as a currency for the Exchange system.
The function of “storing value” is related to this issue. The after-90-days expiration rule should be abolished or lengthened. Who tries to store more than 9,999 points, which might be “confiscated” after 90 days?


The users just don’t know about the new requests. They need to modify their profile to receive e-mail notifications.
Sure, it’s no need to send e-mails about any language to all users, no need to throw the notifications at the top right corner of the LingQ’s pages because it would be too much.
Sometimes I skip some Russian requests because I can’t mention notifications about them.
I don’t know the solution but I can see possible reasons.

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Who will work for free? Well, how long?


I tried several free websites. It does not work, at least when you are an English learner.

Hello Everyone,

The Exchange is one of the areas we’re looking to improve, so we appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

I look forward to hearing more from you all!

Now that’s an interesting idea!

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Another reason I can think of:
Many of the members whose native language is Spanish can in fact correct writings in that language, but they might be too busy learning a foreign language. They simply buy the points issued by the company if they need them in order to ask tutors to help them. Time is more valuable than money for them. If this is the case, the company, not the “market”, should choose competent tutors and ask them to respond to the Exchange requests. You are not allowed to issue notes that are useless.

What is called “Open Request” is, on occasions, neither attractive to learners nor to tutors.
When learners read the responses to their request, they are paradoxically required to have a great deal of knowledge about the language they are learning, if they do not want to waste their points. Some natives are “less native” than others. On the other hand, tutors should not complain if their “response” is not appreciated, that is, if no points are awarded.

"I am still unaware of the exact meanings of these three categories, namely, “Recent”, “Most Active”, and “Highest Rated”. "

There are a lot of notifications every day (the red number top right of the pages). Sometimes it’s hard to navigate through dozens of them.
What do you all think about splitting it? The 2nd one may have the notifications about conversations and exchange requests only.
Such new notifications should depend on the user’s language. Means, all users with Spanish as a native language should receive the notifications. It should also use the user account settings from the Notifications page, Exchange Requests section (let’s say, for a bilingual German who’s Spanish is good to correct writings, or for any learner who just wants to track the Spanish exchange requests).

I agree that the notifications system is not user friendly and should be segregated in some way. But it is often the case that each solution just introduces more complication and makes the site more difficult to understand and use. But we are looking at how to improve things. Keep the suggestions coming.

I don’t see your writing in the exchange list. Are you sure you have made it open to all? All the writing posted for Spanish seems to have been corrected.

As I said before, make it free. Use it as a way to recruit new customers, rather than a way to generate revenue. There are 2 free sites that I know of which are much better than lingQ regarding essay correction, so trying to make people pay for exchange is like trying to make them pay for air.

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Good points Yutaka!

It strikes me that nobody pointed out:

If I spend 1 hour doing a long correction thinking I’ll be getting 800 points, and then 9 other people respond and I only get 80 points, because the points will be divided into all the responses or I get nothing because the person who asked for the correction only wants to give the point to one of the responses… why would I bother? really?.. really?.. really?


I have just seen Berta’s reply. I agree. The previous system of only giving “work” to specifically chosen tutors seems to be much more equitable. [I know that we can still do it that way, ie circumnavigating the Exchange altogether.]

Could we have a much more balanced two-tier system: one tier where points are given to a chosen tutor and the other tier as a kind of Practice Field for all comers? Here you would ask for help and offer help in return, without any financial incentive. I suppose something like Lang8 (which I haven’t used) works along those principles.

To add to Berta’s comments and that of a few of the others in this thread: If we spend an inordinate amount of time on translations posted on the exchange we may end up working for free, which doesn’t make much sense. After all, LingQ is a commercial site and when we tutor LingQ gets a commission, but we may end up without any points at all. That seems a bit pointless.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We will be looking at how the Exchange works and making improvements over time. There are certainly things there we can work to improve.

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