No User Hints for Greek

Would it be possible to have User Hints enabled for the Greek slot? For the time being, the only dictionaries that are available are Glosbe and Babylon, but we can’t select “User Hints” as with other languages…

Adding other Greek <-> English, German, French etc. dictionaries would be very helpful too!



Still unable to select “User Hints” as a dictionary in the Greek slot. Shouldn’t this be basic LingQ functionality?

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Hello gregf,

Greek is a language that’s almost 100% supported on LingQ and will soon move out of the Beta stage.
Is there a lesson in particular that’s not showing User Hints in Greek?

Please don’t set your Native Language and Dictionary Language to Greek! If you are learning Greek this doesn’t make sense. My Native Language and Dictionary Language are set to English and I see User Hints. Is it possible that your dictionary settings are set to French and there simply are no French User Hints?

Thanks for your reply, but I see I haven’t made myself clear. I do see user hints as suggestions when creating a new LingQ, however, when trying to select a new dictionary, the only choice offered (under View Dictionary → Edit Dictionary Settings) is GlosB.

With other languages, I can select from many different dictionaries, including a “User Hints” option that allows me to see a range of suggestions from other users (if such exist). As things stand now for Greek, there is only one option: GlossB (As well as the default Babylon dictionary).

User Hints and more dictionary options would be very helpful

And, just to be clear, my language settings are all set to English, not French.

@steve, sorry I misunderstood. I thought he wanted to see user hints and the dictionary in Greek.

@gregf, there is a bug only showing the Glosbe and Babylon dictionaries. Thanks for letting us know! I’ll look into it.

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I see that Google Translate is now available as a dictionary option in Greek: thank you!

However, while I appreciate having a third dictionary source, GT isn’t really all that helpful for Greek. Here are some more dictionaries that could be added, I’m sure others have other suggestions:

Wordreference Greek <->English

Lingea Greek <-> English, and many other languages


Dictionary of Standard Modern Greek (Greek monolingual)

(And the User Hints!! :slight_smile: )

I see that more dictionaries have been added: THANK YOU!

However, there is a typo in the Greek Wordreference link, it should be:

(and not /enel/ as it is now)…

Still waiting for the userhints, but otherwise: ευχαριστώ πολύ ! :slight_smile:

Hello gregf,

Thanks for those excellent suggestions! We’ve added a few new dictionaries (the Greek WordReference is now correct).
I’ll look into the user hints and get back to you.

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You are a superstar, thank you so much!

One last thing, it would be really really super to have this Greek monolingual dictionary available too, do you think you could add it? I figured out the syntax.

You just need to replace ADDGREEKWORDHERE with the appropriate variable.

Now I promise I’ll leave you alone! :slight_smile:

Hi gregf,

Greek monolingual dictionary has been added! Enjoy LingQing!

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Sorry to bug you about this again Kiran, but the User Hints still don’t seem like they’re working: I now get the User Hints window to pop up, but nothing ever shows up inside, even for LingQ’s that I know have different user hints associated with them… Any suggestions?

Also, in the meantime I managed to find two EXCELLENT Greek tools: one is a Greek->English dictionary with example sentences, and another is a parser that will give you the correct declination/conjugation of a Greek word. Both would be wonderful additions to the Greek dictionary slots, just saying… :slight_smile:

Georgakas Greek - English dictionary:

Lexiscope (Greek Parser):

Thank you!!!

gregf, you’re definitely not bugging me :slight_smile:
Which browser are you using? Are the User Hints only not showing for the Greek lessons or one in particular?

I am using Google Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155
I get no User Hints for any Greek Lessons

Hi Kiran, I’m using the most recent version of Firefox. As I said before, I can get the User Hints box to pop up (say, English User Hints or French User Hints), but then nothing ever shows up inside (ie. the window stays grey and empty…).

The same with Chrome

I’ve been able to re-create the User Hints bug and have informed the programmers. We’ll get this working! Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for your quick support!