News Articles in the Lesson Feed, Reverse Flashcards

This is really great! Saves me going through der Spiegel to find interesting articles to import. It’s really heartening to see that you guys keep on improving the product!
Here’s another idea, would love if there was some sort of offer to write after a lesson, with simple question prompts and hidden hints that the content creator could define. The correction would then automatically go to the normal place - basically would like that the exchange of writing corrections was more encouraged/integrated in the normal flow.

Thanks for your reply, Mark.

I noticed that the images in the Greek news feed correctly on Safari, but don’t appear at all on Firefox. Perhaps this is something you could take a look at?

How do you import? Do you need a computer? Can you do it on a cell phone ?

@robertgero - You can import on both computer and your phone.

  1. Media articles in the Feed can clicked on. This opens the media site to that article but also imports it in the background. If you go back to LingQ, you should see that imported article.
  2. You can also just click the Import Lesson button on the Lessons page and import whatever you like, or
  3. you can use the browser extensions to import from any site you visit.
  4. In your mobile browser on any phone you can also tap on media articles in your feed on the web app. The media site will open and the article will open in the background.
  5. If you have the iOS app installed, you can use the import extension available in the Share menu in Safari.

@meddula - We’re glad you like it! Some writing prompts like you suggest are a good idea. We will see what we can do there.

@gregf - They show for me in Firefox. I don’t know why they don’t for you. Do other site images show for you? What version of FF and what OS are you on?

My apologies, it looks as though they’re being blocked by my ad blocking software, Disconnect. I’ll see if I can add an exception in order to view the images on LingQ. Thanks for your help!

The one I use is

Great site but I don’t see any audio files there. Just videos and transcripts. We won’t be able to grab the video there I’m afraid.

Sorry, here’s one with audio mp3 - Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting - fast shared hosting and KVM VPS

I am agree with joshuabiddick

Ok, thanks. We’ll see what we can do about importing audio.

“We’ll see what we can do about importing audio.” You know more and more I’m hearing people in Italy learning Italian when asked, “Do you watch TV and news shows to learn Italian?” they say “Well, some yes” but then add, “But also a lot of reading.” READING Language since the 50’s with records, cassette tapes in the 60’s/70’s then CD’s and now digital media have all made us think if we can’t hear the text, it’s a step down somehow. But reading is a separate art in language - just like aural comprehension is - just like writing is. We all look for text with audio, ok, me too… but let’s not forget to sometimes put aside the audio for once and just spend some time READING your target language. Silent reading. Regarding the non-audio LingQ feeds, I said to myself: "Okay, I’ll use these new LingQ feeds to practice my READING comprehension. It’s something to consider…

For Euronews I import the text to LingQ from the AWESOME LingQ Chrome Extension - (Italian, then again in Deutsch since I’m studying both languages). Then I find the video on YouTube by copying the title and doing a YouTube search. I use 4K Dowloader (free) to download the audio and import it in LingQ. It sounds like a lot of work but only takes a minute. I now have the article and audio in LingQ. I have over a hundred of these imported and love it because I have it on my iPhone in the LingQ app. Works like a charm.

A great Deutsch site that (generally) has audio is: NachrichtenLeicht Crisp short articles, perfectly spoken German for students (not noisy news commentators) and relevant material.

Thanks for that site! The articles look relatively short and read quite slowly. Would be perfect for beginner/intermediates in the feed. We’ll see if we can add it.

Hi Mark, here are two Greek RSS feeds I’ve found, do you think you could add them to the Greek feed?

Thank you!

Thanks @scoreperfect that sounds like a really great idea!

Turns out we’re not going to be able to import the audio automatically I’m afraid. Any audio will have to be uploaded manually. Sorry about that!

But, we have added Euronews Espanol as a media source. You will have to upload the audio yourself. Those other sites aren’t possible to add.

Kathimerini won’t work but i have added Skai for you. Enjoy!