News Articles in the Lesson Feed, Reverse Flashcards

We pushed an exciting update today you will notice right away. You should now see articles from popular news sites in your Lesson Feed. Clicking on these articles will take you to the news sites where you can see the original articles and will also import them into your LingQ account so you can learn from them like any other imported lesson.

We hope this helps you more easily find content of interest. You will still find all the great content you have come to expect in your feed but now, in addition, you can see what’s happening in the news at these great media sites.

Let us know how you like this new feature! And, if you don’t like these in your feed, you can always turn them off in the Feed settings.

You will also notice today that a new activity has been added to the Review activities in the Reader and on the Vocabulary page. The Reverse Flashcard is now a 5th activity type. It shows the translation only on the front of the card and the term on the back. In the end, you are free to adjust the settings on both front and back.


Really loving this new update! In addition to this, I believe it would be great to have media articles with audio voiceover. I know that some news and government websites include full audio. Personally, I wont read anything on LingQ if it doesn’t include audio/video. That’s just me, but I prefer to spend my free time refining my listening comprehension over written. That said, thank you for the update, it should provide very useful for others. I’ll let the tech team figure out how to scrape audio from the other news sites :slight_smile:


Fantastic! So happy to see this new feature!

I’m glad you like it! @joshuabiddick You can always let us know some of those sites you speak of and we can see what we can do…!


Absolutely agree

I think this a great idea because I’ve always found it a pain to import individual newspaper articles one at a time. Will they be added to the library so I can search for news articles instead of just having them sprinkled into the feed?

No, I’m afraid these will never be in the library. They are listed in the feed and take you to those sites but also import the lesson into your account in the background. They are not added to the library and they don’t have audio in any case.
If you want to import a bunch of articles, I recommend going to the news sites and using the Chrome, Firefox or Safari extension to add as many as you like.

Yes, it is great. I see you choose a bit of everything. I wish to see a bit more international political news items though.

I find that by saving phrases in difficult texts I am able to get an audio experience without having to listen to the whole thing in TTS.


This is amazing! Thank you so much!

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An excellent addition to the Lingq content. Keep up the good work guys ))

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Well, French feed is better than Italian, with articles from two major news outlets. My comment above refers to the Italian feed. Overall, it is pretty good.

These are pulled from their Twitter feeds. Whatever they publish appears. If you prefer specific articles, you are probably best going to those sites and importing the articles you like using the extensions.

Sure wish we could post screen shots in our replies… (like

I like this. I like when LingQ makes improvements to how we can share and see uploaded content. It makes it easier to find things, because relying simply on the library’s search function wasn’t cutting it.

This is a great addition and I hope it will be further developed by adding other news sources, and perhaps another tab on the lesson screen for a RSS feed of news stories from various sources.

  1. Would it be possible to include the title of the article in the body of the text to be lingq’d? I often want to create lingqs of the words in the article title, so including the title in the body text is helpful.

  2. The images don’t show up in the Greek news feed. Would it be possible to add stories from as well?

  3. How often are new articles “published” on the feed? There are very few Greek stories currently being listed.

Glad you like it!

  1. We won’t be able to include the title but as these lessons are imported to your account, you can edit them and manually copy and paste the title into the text area.
  2. We can only show certain images. If they don’t show up, there isn’t much we can do. We did try to add the other source you mention but it doesn’t work with our tool I’m afraid.
  3. Articles appear mixed into the list of regular lessons. In those languages with fewer lessons being completed and liked, fewer media articles are inserted.

It’s official: This feature is awesome! It’s a massive time saver for us who study with the news!.

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I really like the new ‘live’ news feed. It’s taken lingQ to a more ‘living, breathing’ entity. I enjoy just scrolling down to see what’s there and simply read headlines. If I see something that interests me I “go inside” and read the article. This is really a big leap for LingQ.
Congratulations! Complimenti! Herzlichen Glückwunsch !恭喜!

2 Likes This could be a site to use for audio and articles