New Update: LingQ Exchange, Membership Changes

@skyblueteapot - Yes, the commission is taken when you cash out points. If you use your points on the site, no commission is now taken. And, yes you can now receive points for all those other activities. We will adjust the help files. Enjoy!

@Mark: You wrote “The poster initially chooses the amount to pay, however, they can update the amount any time” Does this mean the poster can initially offer 1,000 points and then say, the corrector should get 200 points only?

@Vera - Yes, the poster can do that but I think it is unlikely. However, if multiple people respond, the poster can split the points.

@Mark: Thank you for your answer, Mark. So it is difficult to decide how much effort you put in your corrections because you never know what you get in the end. Is there a way to see if someone else has started a correction? I would not like to invest lot of time, and in the end maybe someone else is faster, or two of us are doing the same work and than I got only the half of the points that I got before for corrections. And you know proper corrections are really time consuming.

By the way, I saw that someone asked for a correction of a long text, and he has offered 50 points only. I’m curious to see if someone is willing to do this for 50 cents only.

@Vera - There is no way to tell if anyone has started and multiple people are welcome to correct submissions so the poster may very well split the points. Of course, they may also add more points or gift some points if they feel like it. In the end, you have to decide whether you want to participate or not. In theory market forces should prevail and people should get appropriately rewarded for their efforts or they will stop contributing. Likewise, with the correction for 50 points. If someone is willing to correct it for that price, it will get done. Otherwise, it will sit there until the poster increases this amount. I think we will have to watch how things go on the Exchange for a while before we will have a true sense of how it will work. It is very much an unknown quantity at the moment.

Thank you for the clarification. In general I like the Exchange idea. I dislike the uncertainty. This is a personal problem of myself :wink: We’ll see what happens.

I’ve just received a mail notification saying:
XXX just shared a submission post

Click on this link to see the post,

But when I click on the link I get a Oops page/
This post is unavailable!

@mfr - Not to worry, this just happens when a post/submission is deleted.

Thanks, Alex, I just thought it might be some problem in the way mails are filtered.

@mfr: I inadvertently sent the submission to all of my LingQ friends, then adjusted the settings for “tutors in Korean.” I think I’ve got the new feature figured out now :slight_smile: I apologize for the mix-up.

Thanks Imani, for making it clear, no need to apologize.

It is over for free T-T.

Since we need to untick 6 cases to see only Exchange Requests and then tick them back to see all, would it be possible to add a See all / Hide all case?

I still don’t understand how tutors get to know that a PUBLIC exchange request for ALL tutors of a language has been posted. Will all receive an email? Or only my tutor “friends” if I check the pertinent checkbox? If not, what will happen?

Mark or Alex, please clarify. Thank you.

Is requesting something (eg. record audio) free then?
I’m too lazy to catch up all the details …

It’s sorted, sorry. It looks I have to pay some points for my request, but I can set up how much points I’m going to pay.

I think I’m kind of lost somewhere. Can someone point me out how this exchange works, e.g. a link to a page or a thread? Earlier I could see the open requests in a page, and now it seems it’s gone.

In general, I like the idea of exchange and would like to try it out. But, before this, I would like to know how it works, e.g. rules. It would be good to have a tutorial of the sort somewhere. :wink:

@Daisuke - You’ve got it. You can post a request for whichever services you like. The system suggests a value of points to post for this request. You can adjust that amount as you see fit.

@kigoik - You can see requests on the Exchange page. To separate out the requests, just untick all options in the left sidebar except for Requests (We are going to improve this!) You can also filter by language to only see requests a specific language. There are some FAQ’s on the Exchange if you click Help while on the Exchange page.

@u50623 - No, all will not receive an email. Exchange requests are open to all members and we are not going to email everyone about them. We may add a function to opt in to receive Exchange alerts. If the poster ticks to notify individual friends or all friends, a notification will be sent to those members.

@mikebond - That function is in our list. Shouldn’t be long.

Glad to hear that, Mark. I would also welcome an option to be alerted about new submissions in the languages I tutor.


I have a problem with my writing. I prepared a text in Italian, and clicked on the Save button. When I was investigating how it all worked, and verifying how many points to offer for the writing, I could not find it anymore.

Is my text still somewhere accessible, or is it lost?