New Spanish collection (fresh conversations)!

Hi there!

Berta and I are really excited because we just finished our first set of lessons (five new lessons)!.

These lessons are conversations we have had on Skype. We don’t read anything and we improvise, just like if we were talking in a cafe . We use very common expressions and natural intonation, like a normal conversation you can encounter anywhere in Spain.

You can check out the result by yourself at:

We are looking forward to get your feedback. We want to make more lessons, and we want them to be better. So feel free to give us your opinion. Thanks!

¡Me gustan! Les animo a seguir. (¿Usar “a” es correcto en esta frase?)

Tiene muy buena pinta!
Muchas gracias!

These are just great! Muchas gracias. Muy divertido y muy natural.

Yay! I’ve listened to 4 of these, and I like them a lot. Interesting topics. I really want to work on understanding conversational Spanish, so this is perfect for me.

(Tampoco entiendo lo de Twitter.)

Angela, we should make more lessons very soon, because you are going to finish them!

Ha ha. Don’t rush on my account. I’ve listened to 4, but only made LingQs of 1 lesson, and I want to listen to them for at least a week.

Angela, anyway, the lesson 5 is about Spanish slang. So you should understand and learn all of it before you move forward the next lesson (just kidding!)

UPDATE: We just added 7 new lessons to our collection!!!

The collection is at:

Remember, these lessons are all fresh conversations, using Spanish common expressions and natural intonation, exactly like you can encounter in a coffee shop, for example.

In the new lessons we continue talking about the most common idioms (“frases hechas”) in Spanish (two lessons), about holidays in Spain (three lessons) and also about learning by yourself (two lessons). I hope you like them :slight_smile:

By the way, if you have some suggestions or just wanna share your opinions, don’t be shy. We love getting feedback from you.

Bye for now!

Wow! I’m now really forward to getting back to learning Spanish :slight_smile:

oh Peter, thank you for the compliment! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: We added a new lesson: “El esperanto” !!

In this lesson, Berta and Oscar have slightly different points of view about Esperanto. We hope you enjoy it and learn from it!

New lessons are coming soon (sports in Spain, how the political system works in spain, …)

Stay tunned!

The collection is at:

Great! Looking forward to them.

New lesson uploaded!!!

Síndrome post vacacional :slight_smile:

In the new lesson (“Sindrome post vacacional” or in English “Post Vacation Syndrome”), we talk about what happens to us when we have to start working again after vacation. The body and mind is higly affected because we change our patterns all of a sudden. Honestly, we think the lesson is quite interesting, but as always, we love getting feedback from you guys!

I am looking forward to returning to your lessons once I have recovered from my writing bug. I am impressed by how much time and effort you both put in to broaden the Spanish library. ¡Gracias!

That’s not a bug Sanne! That’s a wonderful thing you do!. And you have fans now!, you know?.. You CAN’T quit :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words ;)))

UPDATE: New Spanish lesson realised!
The title is “Deportes desde el sofá”. It’s about which sports people in Spain like more. So if you wanna find out more or find out how we live and what we like in Spain, just go to the collection and get it at:

We’ll try to make a new lesson every week, and realise it on friday. In this way you can study it in the weekend. Stay tuned!

I hope you like it, and of course, we wait for your feedback!

Happy lingqing!

UPDATE: New Spanish lesson realised!

Last week we forgot to mention the new lesson “El sistema político en España”. You can get it in our collection:

The new lesson we realise today is called “Deportes y gimnasios” and it’s about gyms, sports and how Spanish people do sports. We hope you like it!

As always, comments are wecome!