New Spanish collection (fresh conversations)!

Sorry, we realise there is an spelling error. Instead of “we realise today”, it should be “we release today” :slight_smile:

Thanks so much guys! I always enjoy your lessons, and learning a little about Spanish culture.

I know it’s a lot of work to do, and it is very much appreciated.

Yes, Angela, it’s a lot of work.
But to be honest, we are expecting that a Hollywood producer wants to make a movie about one of our lessons :wink:

UPDATE: New Spanish lesson realised!

It’s about household chores and how they are distribute in home.
We hope you like it!

Next scheduled lessons:

  • Religion
  • Bullfighting

As always, we love to get your feedback.

Bye for now!

I love this lesson. Thanks for mentioning me, ha ha. You know how to keep students coming back. (Y de hecho me gusta la pronunciación española de mi nombre, a mí me suena exótica, jaja). And the subject is very interesting. I have a lot of opinions on it. The upcoming lessons sound interesting also.

Keep up the good work!

Hi guys, thanks for mentioning me too, it means so much to me that you are recognising my progress and to be mentioned in the Berta and Òscar show :wink: Well I am honoured, thank you so much, I agree with Angela, I am really looking forward to the upcoming lessons, they sound great, I am really looking forward to the lesson about bullfighting, it sounds wonderfully exciting, anyway thank you so much.

Keep up the good work!

Hi! New lesson realised!

This time is about religion in Spain. Maybe at first glance it doesn’t seem very interesting, but it can help you in order to understand a little more Spain and its culture.

We hope you like it!

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New lesson realised!

Bullfighting in Spain! We hope you like it!!
By the way, it’s the 20th lesson :slight_smile:

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UPDATE! New lesson realised!

In this lesson, we talk about PRONUNCIATION on the process of learning a language.
By the way, we don’t agree in some points :wink:
We think it may be interesting to you :slight_smile:

Happy lingQing!

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Awesome, thanks Berta and Òscar for all these great lessons! They are very enjoyable, and educational too! I really like learning about Spanish culture. You guys rock!

Thank you prigby! We really appreciate you taking the time to thank us! :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul! we’re glad you like them! :slight_smile:

No problemo… I mean, problema! :slight_smile:

New lesson uploaded “encuentro con Steve”, where we talk about our life-changing experience… that is meeting Steve Kaufmann!!! xD

And the first student to finish the lesson completely is … Me!!! I love your podcasts, especially this one and for the first time ever I understood everything, just by listening :smiley: You guys rock!

Harry, thank you very much for your superkind comment :smiley: By the way, it’s impressive that you can understand everything of the podcast! You are making huge steps towards mastering Spanish :slight_smile: Keep up the good job!

Impressive Harry!

Yes, indeed. I am still working on it, but naturally enjoying every second!

When will you start collecting your one cent per follower?

Sanne please don’t bring up that subject again, I wouldn’t want having to tell Óscar that we don’t have millions of followers, let he stay happy a little bit more :wink: