New My Lessons List View, Tutors Page

We have just pushed a number of updates to the site. We hope you enjoy them all!

My Lessons List View:
The biggest update is the new My Lessons page. You will now see that you have an option to see the List View now by clicking on the link under the My Lessons page title. This presents your lessons in a table/list view which is much easier to navigate especially when you have a lot of lessons. We hope all of you avid LingQers will find this layout more convenient. Explore the filters in the sidebar to refine your list.

Tutors Tab:
We have also added a Tutors tab in the Lessons subnavigation bar which lets you instantly filter all tutors in the currently active language. You can now also request a conversation or submit writing directly from the list, making it even more convenient to submit writings or sign up for conversations with tutors.

Reset Language:
Many of you have asked for the ability to restart a language for whatever reason. You now have the ability on the Account page to delete languages. This means all your data and LingQs for those languages will be cleared. Only shared content will be unaffected. You can then restart the language from scratch.

Edit User Hints:
There were also several more minor updates, including an “edit” link which now appears beside all User Hints in the blue popups. Clicking on the “edit” link allows you to open the LingQ widget directly with that hint in the Hint field. This allows you to easily make small edits to hints that you like but want to modify.

As usual, let us know if you have any feedback.

I like the new My Lessons page and the Tutor tab! Good job!

I have tried to delete the Asian languages, but they didn’t disappear from my list. Asia is really invading Europe! :slight_smile:

There seems to be a minor bug related to deleting languages. We’ll take a look and sort it out. :slight_smile:

Can I make a little suggestion? I would like an extra filter added. It would be a Collection filter. I know there’s a Sort by collection option at the bottom ( which works Ok…) but I would prefer if there was a drop down menu that lets you pick the collection directly and only shows the lessons in the collection selected… This would only list the collections individual users are using. Not a list of EVERYONES collections.

Reason I would like it to have that option is because I upload alot of my own content and I do organize everything into collections. The filters /sort options right now work fine but to tell you the truth I dont always remember what category or type of lessons that i assigned to my collections/lessons. + I would like to be able to isolate the collections to keep everything clean by filtering out everything except for the collection i want to display. I hate to scroll through so many pages to get to where I need. Which is Why I typically just go to the import page instead of using the lesson page. Basically the extra Filter drop down would be exactly like the Content provider filter except it would just be the My collections filter.

I hope you guys consider this and wonder if anyone else would find this kind of option useful

edit : Forgot to say, Thanks for the Updates =p Much appreciated!

Oh and would be nice if the Edit user hint would work in Quick lingq mode aswelll. =)

I agree with Keroro. The suggestions would be very helpful for dealing with imported lessons.

Thanks for the suggestions!

The first would essentially be like the “My Imports” shelf in the Library, but still something we can consider. If the “Edit” button is well received, we will look at adding it to QuickLingQ View as well. :slight_smile:

These are all great updates but… I have a suggestion to make. Why not introducing lessons batch editing in the Expanded view, on the “My Lessons” page? I would like to be able to batch-delete or batch-archive lessons in that view.

UPDATE: deleting languages is exhilarating…I almost feel as if I’m a despot deciding on the fate of human knowledge…let’s join the dark side…

Alex, cool thanks… Well i sure hope a “my collection filter” will be seriously considered and hopefully added sooner or later =p. Organization of study material is really important to me. If its not clean and organized in a way that is easy for me to access/ find things when i need them It makes it hard for me to get the motivation to use lingq/study. Not that using lingq is difficult or a chore but I’ve been waiting a while for the lesson page to add somekind of better organization method Than just the basic Filters and the Archived section. If a sort by collection filter would be added it would fix my active lesson organization almost completely! At the moment, I’m using the import page as a way to find my lessons as i feel that the my lesson page is annoying to scroll through the many pages even after filtering. I dont use the lesson page for anything other then going to a recent lesson ( on page 1 )that I studied. Although having to go through the import page is usefull to find lessons right away, Once I open the lesson i need to click Save and open to go to the actual lesson BUT this method is easier and better organized for me than the current lesson page.

The Date & Time Search does not seem to work.
It is not clear in which format one has to enter the date, MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY or …?

@hape - You should see a calendar popup when you click on the entry field so you can just pick the date. Don’t you see this? What browser are you using?

I check out for a couple of weeks then come back to see all these changes. What is happening to LingQ? I’ll tell you what is happening–it’s becoming Super LingQ! Oh, these changes are awesome. Excellent job and thank you!! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying all the changes, Yvette :slight_smile:
Super LingQ… I like the sound of that…


In Google Chrome a calendar popup appears, in Firefox 6 it doesn’t appear.

It doesn’t filter properly. Although I looked for times 8:00 … 11:00, it shows tutors that don’t offer conversations in that time range.

And a question remains: how can I reset this control to see all entries again?

@hape - That’s strange. The calendar appears fine for me in FF 6. Have you tried clearing your cache? As for resetting it, you will just have to click on the Speak tab in the navigation again to start fresh.

The filters are working, the reason you may see some tutors without 1 on 1 times in your range is because they had times in your range available but others have signed up for them and they are no longer available. I agree this is a bit confusing and we will see if we can do anything about it. However, this is a small minority of results which may do this. For the most part, the filters do show you all tutors with times in your selected range.

@keroro - We had initially specified a Collections filter as you describe but it made the page load slowly and it was removed. I recommend using the search field to single out specific collections. Type the collection name in the search field and it will filter out just those lessons. We will try to add the edit link to the Quick LingQ view.

@adalberto - We won’t be adding any batch delete or archiving. Make sure to choose Active lessons from the status dropdown in order to have access to archiving controls in the list view. Archiving works quite quickly as it is.

I miss skyblueteapot on the new tutors page.

Confusing is that conversations hosted in other languages are included if I search for English tutors.

@VeraI - It does appear that skyblueteapot doesn’t appear. We’ll be sure to get this fixed, whatever the problem might be.

I checked the search and it appears to be working properly. Members will appear if they have English selected as one of their tutoring languages. What filters do you have selected when encountering this?