New LingQ Lessons and LingQing functions

Please post here on issues related to Lessons and LingQing functions

One comment to start the ball rolling here. If you have a lot of yellow highlighted words on your text you will find the hovering yellow words showing up when you may not want them. I find that it is helpful to get in the habit of parking your courser somewhere white so as not to trigger the yellow pop up when you do not want it.

I must say that I find going through my texts much more enjoyable now, although there are a number of issues yet to be ironed out.

In my profile “progress snapshot”, my LingQs learned bar doesn’t seem to be updating (nor is the “known words” field updating when I change my LingQs to known (4)).

New lessons are not shown on the “New lessons” shelf. I added 2 new lessons. I cannot see them on my account. Also tested with the account of my partner.

Sorry, wrong board.

Loading an item on the lessons site needs a long time. It needs 30 to 45 seconds to open the lesson.

To put a longer phrase into the hint by mark up a whole sentence and then drag & drop doesn’t work any longer. The whole sentence then becomes blue. I often use this because the suggestion of LingQ is not proper.

The hint for the blue and yellow LingQ’s works in some lessons with IE7 (but not FF). Also it works NOT FOR ALL of the lessons. Very strange.

I miss the tags that I created before when I add a LingQ. Mark told me, that is is on the list.

Thank you and keep it coming. We will get there with your help.

Steve, no problem. I’m sure you’ll find the solutions.

When I open the error console in Firefox I can see the following message: “Warnung: Deklaration erwartet, aber '’ gefunden. Übersprungen bis zur nächsten Deklaration
Zeile: 7"
This means, Declaration expected, but "
” found. Skip to the next declaration. Maybe therefore I cannot use the LingQing with Firefox?


I do not know the answer. All know is that in programming nothing works as expected and then everything gets fixed eventually, or we have to change the spec a little here and there.

By the way I agree with your comments re Library and I am sure we will get there. As soon as we are able to do so, we should create the opportunity for a little Committee of Editors for each language with some freedom to control the organization and the quality of their language. Of course these committees should communicate with each other and with us to ensure some consistency while meeting the needs of each language.

Just tried to LingQ on “The Linguist” lesson 2 in Japanese. Now it seems impossible to select a phrase without selecting the whole paragraph it belongs to. Yesterday I was able to select a phrase…



About the “blue selection”, dose it possible to be cancel the selection by clicking other area? In Japanese contents, I cannot select the area I want, and it shows “internal error” or something whenever I tried to create a LingQ contains Kanji. This is the most inconvenient problem to me right now, and I think it should be not hard to fix it. Besides that, it works ok although with many small bugs.

Overall, I like the new interface very much. I think you are refined the site in the right direction. Congratulation! I think LingQ 2.0 is a great leap to LingQ and users.

If I highlight n words, n-1 are marked for possible LingQing (for German, Russan and Chinese; Windows Vista, IE 7.0). It works if I “print preview”, copy the phrase from there and add it in the vocabulary section. Not a solution I like.

No, I’m not a’l that happy with the updates (which made the site even slower), and finding what I wanted in the library took quite some time…

It looks great, though.

Hi Ed, there are some serious issues with highlighting in Asian languages. We are working on these as we try to fix all issues related to the highlighting. There is no way to unselect blue highlighting now except by refreshing the page. We are working on this.

ocius, I have no problem with the statistics on the Home page. Just make sure to refresh the page to see updated stats.

Jeff, these are just some of the issues that we hope to solve in the coming days. We hope that when all is said and done you will be happy with the changes.

Nathan, Would you accept one grouping for NZ and your neighbours, the Ozzies, with all of their faults. In other words Australian is a regional accent of New Zealand English.

Is the ‘I know all’ button still down? It doesn’t appear to work for me in either Spanish or French.

It seems that often words drop off or disappear (until page is refreshed) when LingQing expressions that contain already LingQed words.

By the way, ignore the I know all comment. I was doing it wrong.

I would just like to say thank you for the new way of lingqing. The previous way was ok, but I never wanted to use the site for a long time, as double clicking a word, clicking lingq, waiting for the dictionary, find then drag and drop the explanation, then clicking save was far too much hassle. Now with the single click, I feel I can study more without getting annoyed from saving words! Great update from this point of view!