New LingQ Banners and Badges

Sounds great, Rasana!

For those of you using Mac Mail on OS X, here is a way to add LingQ badges and banners to your email signature.

Follow the instructions here on

For step 1, simply use the HTML code generated on the Banners and Badges page. I have followed these steps and it works great! Any of you using Outlook who can offer a way to add the banners to your Outlook signatures, please let us know.

Thanks for sharing David. One of the things we have on our list is a resource page for each language, which could be permanently accessible. This would include learning sites and content sites.

Just in case this gets buried in our Forum, or we forget, please stick around and help us build up our resources page when we are ready.

That goes for everyone, and for all languages.

LingQ is a resource, and a community, but there are many more on the web. They can all help us learn.

Oops I put this comment on the wrong forum. Sorry.

I was post my badges for all of my languages on my profile and I was having problems because they wouldn’t all fit on the side bar, so what my brother did was come up with a way to create a scroll bar that you can move up and down to see the different language badges. Here’s the code:

Maybe someone else can benefit from this (Steve, for example, who’s got 9 badges;)


I took a look on your FB profile. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for this.

btw, I wold really like to have an option to show this phrase in English or in my native language (or some else language). If it is Russian forum, I would prefer banner in Russian. If it is some international forum - in English.

Cool! I like it :slight_smile:

Sanne, Like I wrote in the German forum I changed the translation. I’m not sure how often Mark put the changes on the website.

@SanneT, Vera - I just saw that someone had made that change already! I will update the translation files within the next hour or so. The banners will change automatically when I do if you put them up in the meantime.

@Cakypa - That’s a good suggestion to allow the banner language to be customized. We’ll look into it.

Hi everybody ! !
Thanks Mark for he badge, I love it. It would be wonderful if it would always appear in every page of LingQ !

I like that idea, Cecile! We will try to add it in more places. :slight_smile:

I see that now we can customize our badges: change the interface language and width. But there is a problem with current solution, when we use BB-codes. You know that forums usually don’t allow to use html, only BB-codes. Unfortunately when I wrote , forum does not understand what to do, as an address inside tags does not end at jpg/png/gif. So, a forum just shows my string
The other problem: banners are not shown at all now. Only badges.

Hi Rasana,

I will ask our tech guys what can be done about that. I am having no trouble seeing the banners. Although, both badges and banners seem to not appear for me sometimes. It may just have been a temporary situation.

We have now added new designs for each language, check them out! We also have fixed the banners and badges so that you shouldn’t have a problem with settings using BB-codes Rasana.

Thank you, Mark & other members of LingQ team :))

Mark, I tested with different interface languages for banners, and found that when I choose any asian language as banner’s interface language, translated phrases are shown as a row of squares. I think there is something with a font.

I saw the same thing, empty squares. I also noticed that no language was translated into Swedish. I’d better do something about it…

LingQ badges! Like them.


@Cecile - We’ve now added the badge to the Home page and the Lessons page so it’s visible in a few more spots.