New LingQ Banners and Badges

I am embarrassed to tell you all how long ago it was that Chris from New Zealand suggested we have LingQ signature banners for posting on Forums. Chris, we finally have signature banners! You will see that they show how many words you know in a particular language.

You can find banners and badges on the goodies page, Login - LingQ. You can get to this page by clicking on the new badge above your wall on the profile page. Choose your language and style and then copy the HTML code and paste it to your blog and add it to your email or forum signature.

The banners are bigger and wider, good for websites and forum signature banners while the badges are smaller and narrower, perfect for a blog sidebar.

We are really excited about this new way for you to show your friends how you are doing on LingQ! And, of course, it’s also a great way to help spread the word about LingQ!

As you try to use these banners and badges please share with the rest of us in the community any good places you put them or tricks you used to get them to fit. I found a few good places and tricks already and will post on those shortly. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these banners as much as I have the last few days while testing them out.

I’ve already put this at my signature at postcrossing forum :)))

For those who are not very good in BB-codes:

I use banner, but it is too wide in my opinion (472 x 64), so I changed my string to:

Nice work, Rasana! I, too, was finding the badge a bit wide for some uses so I’ve been adding a width parameter to the html code:

Here’s the original code:

And here it is with the width parameter reducing its width to 160 pixels:

So far, this has worked well wherever I’ve tried it.

I just posted on LingQCentral a way to add your banners to your signature in Gmail ( It’s a Firefox addon so it’s only for you FF users.

Get the Firefox Addon Gmail Signatures (

After you have installed it you will see signature options to the right of the “From” dropdown when you compose a new email. Click “Edit Signature” and paste the HTML code from the banner page into the box. Add any text and save it and you should be ready to go.

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly do I do on my blog and on my Facebook page with these banners and badges. Where does the information go? I have not a clue what to do with these banners and badges. I may not be the only one that is on the wrong side of the digital divide. It is raining in Seville.

I had trouble using Blankcanvas for some reason. I used Wisestamp, another FF add-on, instead.

When I paste the code on my Facebook page it just shows up as code.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Is the badge updated as our vocabulary gets bigger?

Great little badges! How do we get them onto our t-shirts (I believe it was either Jeff or Blindside70 who came up with the slogan some months ago: … xxxx words and still counting) and will they update themselves? Will they come out in the wash?

Thanks, dooo! Wisestamp looks like a better option and lets you add HTML signatures to Yahoo mail, Hotmail and many more.

David, I will post instructions on how I added the badges to Facebook shortly.

Jeff, Yes, the known words number is updated as you add more words. Each time the badge is generated on a page it pulls the latest Known Words number.

SanneT, T-shirts? What a great idea! Sure, we can have the t-shirts update… every time they go through the wash…

Thanks mark!

I’m going to be a little creative and combine the the badge/banner link with a referral code. Maybe someone else likes that idea:


Change language/user name accordingly.


Here’s how I was able to add the badges from my LingQ profile to my Facebook page.

  1. Go to the Profile HTML application in Facebook (Redirecting...) and add it your Facebook page
  2. Go to the application and paste your banner code from LingQ into the Profile Box tab.
  3. I found that I had to reduce the width of the badges to get them to fit in the sidebar which I did by adding width=“180” to the code right in front of border=“0”.

This is what my finished badge code looked like:

That’s pretty much it. I hope this helps and if there are steps I’ve left out, please let me know so I can update this information.


I like it! Nice thinking.

Eureka! Thanks a million mark!

@ jeff

Thanks for the referral code idea, that’s awesome!

I included a hyperlink to just above my badges just in case people didn’t get that you could click on the badges to go to the site or didn’t happen to see the hyperlink on the badge itself:

Just paste that in just above your badge(s) in the Profile Box of the Profile HTML application in Facebook (Redirecting...)


Yesterday evening I received a personal message from one Postcrossing member, she asked me how to get started at LingQ :)) So, banners&badges work! :)) I hope LingQ will receive a lot of new members

And I hope the more Japanese postcrossing members will write me in Japanese. In my bio and my signature there is a line “Japanese members, please, write me in Japanese”, but I still sometimes receive cards from Japanese members in English :((( Now, they can see that I know about 1800 Japanese words :))