New Languages Added! Icelandic and Armenian

We are pleased to announce the launch of Icelandic and Armenian on LingQ! It’s been a while since we launched new languages as we focused on LingQ 5.0 but we are now once again able to add new languages as the language requirements are met.

Big shout out to LingQ Librarians Rokkvi (Icelandic) Login - LingQ and Verbatym (Armenian) Login - LingQ for your huge contributions to getting these languages launched.

All you Icelandic and Armenian fans out there, please show them some love! Otherwise, Njóttu!, Վայելե՛ք։, Enjoy!


Thank you Mark. I will continue to add material to the site.


Are they unavailable on mobile (iOS)? I’ve updated and don’t see them on the list of languages.

@TheOregonian If you don’t see new languages on the app, please log in to your account on the website, open them there, and then you should be able to see them on the app too.

This worked — thanks!

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Any updates on Hindi being added now that new languages are being added again?


No, no updates at the moment.

Dear Zoran, What about Lithuanian?
Thanks in advance


Languages are added as our volunteers are able to fulfil the requirements. There are no timelines on any languages since they are dependant on volunteers finding the time. If there are specific languages you are interested in, you can enquire about how you can volunteer and contribute to those languages. For more info, go to the Contribute tab in the Community.

Thank you, Mark.

I am aware of that. However, it was my understanding that Lithuanian ministories had already been contributed, according to the information provided by Zoran in this message thread:

1 year, 10 months ago
For Lithuanian we already have all 60 Mini Stories translated and recorded. Volunteer sent them a few weeks ago.
As soon as we launch LingQ 5.0, Lithuanian will be added.”

I was just asking to follow up, given that information was provided by Lingq’s staff.

As always, thanks.

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It looks like Lithuanian is close. There are some additional requirements that still need to be fulfilled there.